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    Just been watching ANH (Not special edition)

    Well, it was like this... it was my birthday yesterday and my best friend gave me ANH (Un CGI version).........

    I have watched it through - and it brought back a lot of (good) memories. The film itself,mostly,holds its own - but I am beginning to appreciate some of the re-worked SFX.

    It works without Jabba, Greedo firing first and a great many other things - the greatest difference I noticed was the cleaning up of the film stock. A lot of the location stuff is a lot more uniform in the SE. Just check out 3PO waving in the sandcrawler as an example.

    It had been a long time since I had seen ANH in this format (albeit pan and scan), but I will treasure my newest acqusition.... a wonderful present.
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    I'm in the middle of watching my old P&S version now, all the while typing here. I have my surround sound going, and typing with my back to the TV screen, I noticed how tin-canny the soundtrack is to ANH. I mean I always remember how tin-canny the dialouge sounded, especially Vader, but I guess I never noticed it before with the Soundtrack!

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    It's been years since I watched the original versions. I'm curious to see what it's like when I finally do again . . . hopefully soon.

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    Some day, I think I'll make an edited version of ANH for myself to keep the stuff from the original I do like (Falcon lifting off) and ditch the crap I don't ("Close the blast doors" and Han running into ALL the imperial Stormtroopers).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Star Wars: Ep4 - A New Edit

    I'm sure you could market it and ILM would get real ****ed at you.
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    I have the original versions of these films in that deluxe collector's edition pack- the one with the excerpt of the "Skywalking" book and the "From Star Wars to Jedi- the making of a saga" video. All these were in Letterbox... the sound IS tin canny and the colours are a little off. Sometimes Threepio is TOO bright yellow and the corridors of the Tantive are kinda bluish looking.

    Still... I'm glad I have these to enjoy in their original form. I like the special edition versions as well, but get rid of that Greedo shoots first thing and get a proper looking Jabba in docking bay 94!!!
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    Being the collector and fan that I am I want all my friends to know the joy of Star Wars! You would be amazed at how many mid-20 people have not seen them so every time I sit down with A friend that hasn't seen them before I show them the orginal release the THX ones. I don't mind the special edition its just not the same! I don't like the Jabba in ANH at all you think with all the special effects they have now a days we could have got a better looking Jabba, or could have done with out the honeycomb guy in Jedi. It is a shame that when the DVDs come out they will only be the SE. I love the orignals and that is what I will always watch, but I can't seem to get my hands on A widescreen original does anyone know if with the THX release came widescreens? I would love those very much!
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    Honeycomb guy? Of whom do you speak?

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    The first widescreen edition came out about 1991 or 1992. It was contained in a blue/grey box with "STAR WARS" in the original "pyramid" logo in red and "Trilogy" in metallic blue. Below it is a holographic reproduction of the Hildebrandt Brothers poster. Very cool. It was the original prints and not in THX. This box came with an authenticity certificate, a paperback of excepts from the George Lucas bio, "Skywalking". Also included was a bonus video entitled "From Star Wars to Jedi: the Making of a Saga". (SRP $99.99)

    The first re-issue of the trilogy before the special edition was issued in THX and was available in a limited number of letterbox sets. I was working for Camelot music at the time and it was very difficult for us to get our hands on this item. I became frustrated and just purchased the pan and scan version. (SRP $39.99 and $49.99)

    The release of the special edition came in two boxes with the same graphics, but one was in gold highlights (the pan and scan) and the other in sliver (the letterbox). I scored a second copy of the letterbox version as a local TRU had the silver one on display and had it marked as $24.99- they actually intended that price point for the gold box... OOPS! (SRP $44.99 and $59.99)
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    Exclamation Just noticed something else to....

    I have seen ANH more times than I care to mention (in all formats), but I never noticed this before:

    We actually get to see Chewie without his bandolier very briefly. During the escape from Mos Eisley he takes it off and it remains that way until the continuity guy really screws up and he has it back on again the split-second before they make the jump to light speed.

    Amazing, after 20+ years of being a fan I only just noticed that one.
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