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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    Hello again!!

    Let the games begin!! I will be posting the first game in about 5 minutes. Good luck everyone!!!

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    Hi I am going to play

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    [font=Times New Roman]Are you ready to win a Master Replicas T-Shirt? Just answer the questions below. The first person to get all three questions correct will be the winner! When I have confirmed you have won you will need to send me a private message with your address information as well as your shirt size. There will only be one winner.[/font]

    [font=Times New Roman][/font]

    [font=Times New Roman]The game is Star Wars Trivia. Good luck!![/font]

    1) In the large-scale landspeeder model used in ANH, what famous 12-inch figure action stood in for Luke?

    2) What planet do the Wookies live on?

    3) When Obi-Wan was tampering with the tractor beam controls on the Death Star, there were two oblivious Stormtroopers standing nearby talking. What question did the one trooper ask the other?

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    I'm in!

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    I Am Ready!!! I Hope The Force Is Strong With Me!

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    1) ken the barbie

    2) kasykk

    3) did you hear something?

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    1)Ken the barbie doll


    3)"Did you see the specs on that new bt-16"

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    1. GI Joe

    2. Kashyyyk

    3. You seen that new VT-16?
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    1.Ken Doll
    3.DId you hear something?

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    Re: MR Trivia Giveaway!!

    1.ken the barbie

    3.did you here something?


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