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    Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    Does anyone know if the Exclusive Clonetrooper from Target is the #41 super poseable? I found one Target exclusive clone this morning but instead of having a #, there is a bullseye sticker or its printed on the packaging. Trying to figure out if I need to find a 41 or not. Anyone know?

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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    From what I saw from pics, the Target clone either has a non-articulated waist or a standard swivel-joint waist, wheras the #41 clone has a ball-jointed waist.
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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    from what i understand, and what i saw at c3, the exclusive is not a repack. it seems to be a totally seperate figure...
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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    Thanks for all your help....I'll be on the lookout for a #41, #42 etc............

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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    Well From What I See It Is A Sa Clone With Ep3 Clone Head.

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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    It's the exact same figure as the standard Super-Articulated Clone Trooper (#41) but has the red markings on him like the 12" version does.
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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    You would be correct.....the red markings are the same on the Target exc. as the 12" clone!! Thanks for your help!!

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    Question Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    hello everyone..

    Im new to this site but very happy to have found it, I've looked at it before but was never registered. I have been a starwars fan for almost 30 years.. can someone please tell me if there will be an actual date for the release of this figure.. I already missed the vader and would hate to miss this one.
    thank you...


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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    I was under the impression that the CW SA Clone, the Target exclusive SA Clone and the #41 ROTS SA Clone shared the exact same body mold with the only differences being the red insignias on the exclusive, different helmets and the addition of foot-peg holes on both ROTS figures compared to the CW version. I haven't seen any pictures to indicate, to me anyway, that the ROTS SA Clone #41 has a different style of waist articulation.
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    Re: Target Exclusive Clone vs #41

    I just know that I HAVE to have one. Thanks for your info, I just needed to make sure I didn't acquire a #41. The collection must be complete....collecting for many years costs way too much...and takes up mega space.


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