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    Lightbulb AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    Okay I am uber new to this forum so 1st of all I would like to say hello to everyone!

    My name is Xavier (yes real name) and I have been an OG Star Wars fan ever since I plucked down my allowance for C3PO back in 1977 as a seven-year-old boy. 14 thousand dollars later I am still going hard at it.

    Okay enough about me I wanted to throw out a question to all of you. What are the odds of us ever seeing a 3- scale AT-TE? If you ask me this would be one of the all time coolest Star Wars toys of all time. It would rank right up there with EP Vs AT-AT. I make no secret that I am a huge walker fan and it kills me that Hasbro has totally ignored the AT-TE. Okay they did throw us a bone with the AT-TE driver but come on now! That is such a tease that border lines on being cruel! I will give them this, they did try to give us larger vehicles back with EP 1 but as I feared with the Queens ship not being an over the top hit (remember how many where left to gather dust on the shelved?) I had a BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS sort of vision about what the next two movies would bring us or in this case NOT bring us. I am still not with out hope that one day I will see the AT-TE in all is large glory it would matter little to me as to how that manifests itself (exclusive or mass produced) What do you think?

    [font=&quot]PS I found this great site with a custom AT-TE check out how cool this thing can be! Too bad I can not read a word thats on this site....


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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    another site had a recent rumor list and Hasbro might be judging sales of the ARC 170 & Gunship to determine if the AT TE might be a good (albeit) expensinve item...

    hasbro toy store exclusive item in the future?

    btw Welcome to the forums!
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    Didn't we pretty much eliminate the possibility of getting an AT-TE in another thread?
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scackmgack
    Didn't we pretty much eliminate the possibility of getting an AT-TE in another thread?
    It's been eliminated several times by people but if you read the Hasbro Q&A from CIII they give some hope for those that want one. I can't find the Q&A right now but it's in another one of my posts.
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    Hey guys,

    I thinks the AT-TE would be excellent, so would Twin Pod Cloud Car, hopefull we may see one, I won't keep my fingers cross. I think the best chance would be if the main retailers(TRU, Target and Wal-Mart) all got together and requested it. I really don't see that happening though since they seem to want to compete with each other. I think it could sell well even at $50-60. And in the end the retailers would make money. Just once it would be nice to see the retailers join together for the fans and customers.

    Just my two cents since that's all I have thanks to 4/2,

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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    I think with Hasbro opening a direct store, we have a better chance of getting several vehicles that we have been begging for. I would be more than willing to pay some in advance to Hasbro, if it meant getting a Cloud Car, AT-TE, Sith Infiltrator, etc.
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    An "OG Star Wars fan?" Welcome to the forums, but please cut back on the amount of BET you watch because im sure there isnt much street credibilty in calling yourself that. I would love to see an AT-TE but i dont know whether we fans would be able to support it. I think too many of us would wait for the thing to hit clearance, thus hurting our chances of seeing other big vehicles come out and putting a black eye on Star Wars vehicles in general.
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    I disagree KAK. I think the support is there for this vehicle. I think it is different enough conceptually that it would be something everyone would like much like the ARC-170 is now. Now the size will price it much higher then the ARC-170 so it won't move as well. The main reason hasn't done one is because they didn't know if it would have much screen time. That is a big factor to them. When they were at CIII they said they would like to make this and the Cloud Car but needed to match up the timing. What they meant by that was they have to find a time when they aren't doing another big vehicle (in the case of the AT-TE) and be sure they can lockdown a retailer. I don't think they want to have another Sandcrawler situation on their hands (having a sculpt done and no store to sell it). As far as the Cloud Car goes since this year is devoted to Revenge of the Sith you can count this year out but they know we want it. I can't imagine it would be hard to sell to retailers since I would imagine the price point would be $20-$29. The other thing they mentioned was when doing midsize vehicles they look at what is going to be in the same case since retailer use the same SKU they want them to be equal value. While this was more of a reason to explain why they don't do more electronics it is something they think about.
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    For those of you wanting to read that customs page (which rules, nice find X) go to and use their free translation service. It's not perfect, but you'll get the jist of what the text is...
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    Re: AT-TE 3 3/4 Scale?

    Thanks everyone for your welcome! KAK when you say support do you mean that most fans cannot afford an AT-TE when and if its ever produced? I disagree with that because the lions share of collectors like myself would shell out good money for a well-done AT-TE. And if you are going to wait for the thing to hit clearance, then you might find yourself in the same boat as the people who waited for the B-Wing, Y-Wing & FAO Imperial Shuttle to hit the clearance shelve, whom last I checked are still waiting. I agree with dindae and think that given the right timing we may yet still see this toy come our way.

    [font=&quot]Oh and fyi the last time I checked the term OG brought you street credibility only if you happen to be stuck in an 80s time warp. I posted that only to introduce myself as a child of the 70s who loves his Star Wars toys as much as you all. [/font]


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