never posted before, lurked for years, though. There used to be a just found section... but I don't see it anymore...
ANYWAY, two days ago, at one of the three or so Targets in my area, I found several of the new deluxe wave of figures (Clone w/ Jetpack, TF vulture droid, Yoda/Can-Cell, Vader on operating table). They had one of each except three clones.
Another guy had gotten there before me, and he was checking them out, and he took the Vader. I think he figured he wanted the coolest one the most, so he'd let me have the other three, which I thought was nice. I've done that kind of thing before for fellow enthusiasts.
Well, as greedy as I am, I couldn't get that Vader out of my mind! I woke up early before work the next day and stopped at two other Targets and found nothing. On the way to work I stopped in the same one as the day before and they had three more Vaders (and a few more of the others), so I got one.
I really like the Vader. To me, it's the perfect balance between detail and play value. He's not the best-looking Vader when you put all his stuff on, but he is by FAR not the worst. The table, while plastic-y, is well-detailed, and I like the shackle-things. I'd say he ties with the Dooku and the ARC-170 as my favorite ROTS toys. Yoda and Clone are both decent (I think the Can-cell is the Episode I Swamp Skeeter which got Cancelled, hence the name)- Clone's head doesn't move, which is my only gripe- that and the way all vehicle/beast pack-in figures are made permanently sitting now. Vulture Droid is kinda lame- same as Episode I, without the peg hole in the bottom, and not even the transforming one- just one of the missile ones.
Anyway, that was only one Target out of 3, but unless your Target's shelf is filled to the brim with Deluxe Palpatines and Obi-Wans, you might want to check this week. I also found one (and only one) exclusive Clone Trooper.