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    Potf At-at

    Has anyone attemped to take out the electronic thing inside the AT-AT in order to make it more like the original with more space inside for more stormies. If you take it out can you still put in batteries where the old battery compartment was and use an old battery door like the original? Also if I was to do this can someone tell me how I would go about this. Thanks

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    Re: Potf At-at

    Never thought of doing something like that- you can always try the major customizing sites and do a search under at at.
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    Re: Potf At-at

    What sites are these?

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    Re: Potf At-at

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackened88
    What sites are these?

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    Re: Potf At-at

    You can also try

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    Re: Potf At-at

    Thanks for posting the links guys- Ive been away for awhile.
    hurray for birthdays!


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