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Thread: ROTS music vidz

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    Exclamation ROTS music vidz check this out !!i know it will be moved , but toy guys may not check other post sections!

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    Re: ROTS music vidz

    Thanks for the link. That video was okay. They could have used some new images in it, instead of stuff that we have already seen. Also, the talking was a bit of an annoyance. It was nowhere near as good as the Duel Of The Fates music video.
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    Re: ROTS music vidz

    I watched some of the other 16 videos on the soundtrack's bonus DVD, and I can say that they are all not like that. I think there was so much talking on "A Hero Falls" b/c it was the only one to have such extensive footage from ROTS and they're trying to promote the film.
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    Re: ROTS music vidz

    I absolutely loved the video. It gave me just just enough new footage to tide me over for now, but "Duel of the Fates" it is not.
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    Re: ROTS music vidz

    I got the ST/DVD today (Great BTW). It took me few watches of the 'Hero falls' video to realize what was different this time. The previous two videos for DOTF and ATS had "Behind the scenes' footage of Lucas yelling 'Action!' and 'Cut!' and John Willimas conducting the LSO. This time it's all movie images (Mostly recycled from the trailers, but with some new stuff). It's a great track and I love the video too.

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    Re: ROTS music vidz

    Not a big deal, but kinda cool..was at Target this AM and they had the DVD or at least a clip from the DVD playing really loud on all the TVs.
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