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    Collector math 101

    Collector math 101

    I can spend $6.99 + tax + (for me) California gas + time spent = real world price of action figure.


    EBay final winning bid /online price + s&h = price of figure.

    I mean I can only speak for myself in saying that any trip to the local malls can add as much as $2-$5 to the cost of any figure I end up buying. If I am lucky enough to find it the 1st place I go to.

    I am just curious. which one is cheaper for you??

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    Re: Collector math 101

    I think that will be the place to go. I think that sooner or later WM, Target, & TRU are gonna bring their prices up closer to Hasbro's suggested retail price of $6.99. Once they do that, the cost of gas will be enough to make online shopping worthwhile. I have made several trips lately to my local WM, TRU, & Target in search of new figures and have come up empty handed. I have not found anything new since about a week after the Midnight Madness. Today is the first time that I have found anything and the only thing that I found is the Target exclusive Clone Trooper.
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