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    Lords of the Sith toy line

    How about an expanded universe line devoted entirely to the Dark Jedi and Sith. It could be called "Lords of the Sith" or "LOTS" for short. Some of the figures that could be included are:

    WAVE 1
    Marka Ragnos
    Exar Kun w/ double-bladed lightsaber
    Darth Bane
    Naga Sadow w/ Sith Sword & Amulet
    Lord Simus w/ removable head & Transparent Case
    Freedon Nadd

    WAVE 2
    Ludo Kressh
    Satal Keto
    Ulic Qel-Droma
    Kyp Durron

    WAVE 3
    Joruus C'Baoth
    Gorc & Pic

    WAVE 4
    Soft Goods Cape Darth Vader w/ Removable hand & 2-piece mask
    Lumiya w/ lightwhip
    Soft Goods Slice Apart Darth Maul w/ Removable cloak & break apart lightsaber
    Soft Goods Darth Sidious (Palpatine) w/ Removable cloak & force lightning
    Soft Goods Darth Tyranus (Dooku) w/ 2 lightsabers & force lightning

    Beldorion the Hutt & Jedi Leia w/ two lightsabers (Beast-Pack)

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    I think it would be a cool line. But I wouldn't want there to be maybe more than 1 wave maybe.
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    Well, I posted them in waves to show which ones I would like to see first. Wave 1 are figures I would like to see most. If they are successful enough for Hasbro to decide and make another wave, then Wave 2 would be the next batch I would like to see made, and so on. If they made only one wave I would be just as happy though.

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    I'd love to see this line, I've wanted Darth Bane and Exar Kun for ages, they could produce a spirit of Exan Kun (with Force Lighting)too.
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