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    16 days left...what are your expectations?

    *******Spoilers*******It's been 8 years since the release of SWSE. We have survived the let down of TPM, and overcomed the romance of Hayden and Nataly. Now, the circle is almost complete, and I am wondering how many fans are weary of getting too excited becuase of E1 and E2. I already bought tickets for my wife, dad, and me, after doing so I picked up a book...The Making of Revenge of the Sith. Oh my, that was a no-no! I carefully read the prduction notes, examined the pictures, and fully consumed every script that was in it. There is no doubt that this will be the BEST Star Wars film of all time. And it is said that the reason why the first two films were slow becuase they had to establish the politics of the republic, and the ways of ther Jedi order...but the upcoming film will be non-stop action from beginning to end. It also enlightened the ready what really pushes Anikan over to the dark side, and why Palpatines face becomes disfigured. After finding out how Mace dies, and the death of Padme is from nothing but a broken heart, I cannot wait to see how it all takes place on the screen! Never the less, I cannot help but to worry, after all...I have been let down twice before! how do the rest of you feel?

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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    I havent been let down. All three movies are good. Ido feel this will be the best of them. If it isnt, then a let down will be in full effect.
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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    I expect to enjoy it immensely.
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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    While it is true there have been slow parts in both Episode 1 and 2, there have been equally action driven parts in RPM and AOTC.

    I mean TPM had the pod race, Darth Maul, the entire end sequence, which were all pretty nifty in their own sort of way. But like George and almost everyone else said, TPM had to set up the entire story for the PT. So yeah TPM did have its boring parts.

    AOTC had the clone wars, the arena battle, the asteroid chase, all fantastic in their ways too. The love story seemed a bit out of place, but all of us die hard star wars fans knew that AOTC was going to be the sappiest of all 3 movies of the PT.

    So I would say that ROTS is right on the money to tie the 2 trilogies together, so I don't think that TPM and AOTC were big let downs, but they were nowhere near as exciting as the OT. But that is my 2 cents, take it for what you will.
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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    Based upon the novel, the numerous photos, the music...every spoiler I've uncovered...I'm fully expecting Revenge of the Sith to be the definitive Star Wars film--even surpassing my personal favorite The Empire Strikes Back. From what I've seen on the segment "A Hero Falls" on the ROTS soundtrack DVD, the effects are integrated far better, so I won't be distracted and taken out of the movie's reality by them. The story is very Faustian and dark. Character motivations and reactions are dead-on. The fact that Lucas took the PG-13 and refused to pull any punches also helps.

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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    my expectations are nothing less than having Stillakid give a two thumbs up review.

    my personal feelings - this will possibly be the best film of the 6.
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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    I am worried about some acting performances and how I will take to Grievous. I initially was in love with the character design, but seeing it in action from recent clips has me worried.

    I am still excited to see the film, but fear underneath all of the dazzle and the wow factors I may not like the rest of the film so much. Sure I will love the lightsaber duels and the space battles and such, but will my love for it go any deeper than these superficial elements? Something more than just well choreographed fights and top notch cgi.

    Yeah, so that's how I am feeling about it right now.
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    I expect to like it much more than TPM and I don't know if it will be better than AOTC, but it probably will.

    I expect there to a be a surge of traffic at SSG from the Johnnies-come-lately.

    I expect there will be a good amount of debate between those who liked it and those who disliked it.

    I expect to feel bummed out when I realize this was the last movie and that nothing will ever capture my interest in the theater like SW has. Thank God they bumped up Romero's Land of the Dead to June 24th, so when the sadness sets in over the loss of SW, I will have the 4th entry in the Dead saga to comfort me.

    I expect to like Grievous but I suspect it might take me a few viewings to get used to him. I am the opposite of Fettfield in that I hated the idea of him at first but have grown more appreciative over time. His voice in that one TV spot threw me off a bit but overall I expect I will like him.

    I expect Hayden, Ewan, Ian, and Natalie to all give fine performances and I expect many to disagree with me on the points of Hayden and Natalie.

    I expect to dislike C-3PO immensely. Well, that I already do.

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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    Saw it yesterday and its AWESOME!

    I did like Episodes 1 and 2, but this one is in a different class. Its very dark, the pacing is nearly perfect. every clunky or slow feeling type of scene from 1 & 2 has been sped up a bit, the dialogue is a bit more adult and fluuid, George let the leash off the actors a bit (Ewan is especially great in this one), the love scenes are poingnant and don't feel awkward whatsoever, the fights are worth every minute of screen time. there's a lot of great things about this movie.

    There's a lot of moments that make your jaw drop (alot of dark mometns as well, something I love to see in these) and a lot of things that will make audiences cheer when they see them. There's both obvious and sublte connections to the original trilogy as well.

    Anakin lying lava-side half burned up is a great shot. Obi-Wan with a little monologue wondering why he did what he did is a great scene. The Emeperor gerts to show off a lot more of his evil side. He's not a doddering old man whatsoever. he's powerful and quite fierce.

    Every scene is just as you want it to be.

    You'll all like it.

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    Re: 16 days left...what are your expectations?

    I hope for the best and expect the worst, just as I live my life. That way, I'm rarely disappointed. You shouldn't live life with high expectations, just high hopes. I expect the worst from everyone and everything. Maybe that's just because I've had so many disappointments in my life, I've had to learn to not depend on what others say or do. People lie, they build you up just to tear you down, that sort of thing.

    I hope ROTS is the greatest SW movie ever made. But I don't expect it to be.
    Therefore, I should be very happy after seeing it.

    I do expect to see dead people tho.


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