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    Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    It seems to me only Yoda and Obi-wan do this. I seem to remember seeing a lot of dead Jedi bodies lying around in AOTC. Qui-Gon did not disappear either. So why Obi-wan and Yoda? The only thing I can think of is that they were both at peace in the end, well kinda. Ben looked pretty calm when he let Vader cut him in half. He had accepted what had to be done. Yoda knew it was time for him to die. He had done all he could for Luke.
    They only thing is, Anakin should have disappered as well. He managed to save his son and turn back to the light. The only thing I can think of is that his body had been twisted by the Dark Side so it could not be accepted into the force the way Yoda's or Obi-wan's was. That was the reason he could never wield Sith Lighting as Darth Vader, he was damaged goods.

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    This is covered in the EPIII novel. I'm not sure if George will put it in the film or not.

    Before his death Qui-Gon had discovered how one could retain their identity in the force after death.

    After his death Qui-Gon continues to study the force and discoveres the little disappearing trick.

    At the end of EPIII, Qui-Gon takes Yoda and Obi-Wan as his "Padawans" and trains them how to do this.
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    I think there will be mention of this, perhaps even dialogue of Qui Gon, after all he did record his voice at least for some line in ROTS, maybe it will be shown on the big screen. If not Lucas would be a fool not to include it at least in a deleted scene on the DVD ????
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    Man, is that lame! Yoda is no one's Padawon. Qui-gon studied the force after death? I thought you become one with it when you die, so why would you need to study it? " If you strike me down now, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine". Where would you study it? This seems like a lame fix to a complex question. Studied the force after his death......are you kidding me George?

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    When Ben tells Vader "I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine," it likely means that Vader/Anakin had no knowledge of the Force-spirits thing, so it would not have been common knowledge pre-OT.

    You could argue that Ben was really talking about how he was gonna influence the then-unknown-to-Vader Luke Skywalker after his death, but I would disagree with that because later in ESB Vader says "Obi-Wan can no longer help him."

    So, if Vader DID know about the Force Ghosts, he wouldn't have said that because he could assume that Ghosti-Wan would be riding on Luke's shoulder.

    Ben clearly learned about it after Anakin's Fall and since many many other Jedi died before the Fall, and especially DURING his fall , then Anakin would know all about this.

    Then when Ani dies, he is manifest in the Force alongside Yoda and Obi . . . notice how he fades in AFTER the other 2 are already there ?

    Yeah, in that sense Vader/Ani should NOT have disappeared when he died.

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    This does get explained, to a certain extent, in ROTS. I read that in a recent magazine article, but forget which one.

    Two more weeks, we will all understand!

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    If what happens in the novel follows what happens in the film, I kind of like how hes answered this, theres also all sorts of little nuggets of information that I like that Stover has put in.

    In the book it mentions how recently that whenever the force speaks to him, its the voice of Qui-Gon that it uses. This also echo's that brief instant where Yoda feels Anakins pain in the force at the tusken camp and hears his voice in AOTC.

    I don't really understand why people would be so against the idea that Yoda could learn something from studying the dead Qui-Gons teachings. The will of the force has obviously given the spirit of Qui-Gon this power, and Yoda merely goes along with this. The Jedi Order has fell, he knows that neither he nor Obi-Wan have the power to overthrow Palpatine, and he is aware that the two of them must go into hiding, or risk being discovered.

    He also makes comment in the book that the Jedi had been training to fight the Sith in the same way they had fought the last war, and hence the whole Order was blind to see the real truth. He sees that Qui-Gon is here by the will of the force, and can lead them on a possible path to the re-creation of the Order. Or so thats how I'd think about it.

    So, as previously thought, the dissapearing trick is something that comes about after the Jedi purge, and that Anakin/Vader and Palpatine have no knowledge of this power. Yoda also makes comment that eternal life is the desire of the Sith, and yet the Jedi have discovered this. He certainly seems to think this is very very significant, and that becoming a learner again is important.

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    Re: Will we ever find out why some Jedi disappear and some do not?

    Saw the movie yesterday (FANTASTIC by the way) and there's really very little to no explanation as to why certain jedi disappear and others don't.

    Towards the end of the movie Yoda gives Obi-Wan some "training" he'll be able to do on Tatooine - talk to his long gone master who can communicate through the force - Qui-Gon.

    He never really says anything but that about the whole deal. There's no specific explanation in the movie at all.


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