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    Question about the Steve interview and the Obi ROTS Fx, a Amy, Steve, any info on ..

    [font=Times New Roman] Now the recent interview (Steve part 3) has me worried about the Obi-Wan ROTS FX, because he spoke about has he did not like changing the neck of a saber to fit electronics, now first of all Iíve been making EL and Lexon LED sabers with skinny necks for quite some time, but IDK MR uses the 64 LED design so who knows. So anyway that was the reason he stated why MR would not do an Obi-Wan ANH FX, because the neck is too skinny. Question arenít the necks on both hilts the same, so what would be the difference, am I the only one thinking the Obi-Wan ROTS could be canceled? Or was the interview before the Obi-Wan ROTS was announced to retailers, if so could it be that MR has found a way to keep the necks as skinny as they want too, hence the Obi-Wan ROTS, and maybe ANH saber? If Steve or Amy could comment on the issue that would be greatÖ[/font]
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