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    ROTS Figures following #56?

    I heard that they have more figures coming this year, has anyone heard if they are OT or from ROTS? There are plenty of characters they can still do from this movie...
    Commander Cody
    More padme's
    Numerous clones
    Now this may or may not be a spoiler..highlight to see
    Qui Gon Ghost... I have heard that he may appear in this movie, Ive been staying away from reviews but that would be great if he is indeed in the movie. Anyone heard about this?
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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    I would be nice as the long as there is effort put inot them and not slapped together.

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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    I hope they make more clones, shocktroopers, Padmes, and SPOILER

    Qui-Gons ghost

    End Spoiler
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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    Clones are a most. It looks like there are so many to do....I'd buy them all. Shocktroopers included, 501st figures, etc.

    They always need to do more Padme's. They have needed to do it throughout the whole "new" trilogy.

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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    he gets dialouge only
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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    I'd vote for more clone types. I'd like to see some more droids, FX-6(or is it 8), 2 1-B.
    A VOTC General Grevious with cloth cape with lightsaber pockets inside would rule, too.

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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    If the *spoiler* afore mentioned is true, then I think that would be somewhere good to start. More padmes too, I cant argue with that.

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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    It's Fx-6, Darth Alex

    I only wanna see SPOILER
    MAN that will rock
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    Yes more clones, more padme's but even though this is what the general population wants we will se multilple versions of Anakin and Obi Wan, Vader, R2, Dooku and others, and yes we will most likely get OTC rehashes as well.
    Hasbro can't bury these figures, they need to plague us with rehash
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    Re: ROTS Figures following #56?

    Here's what I want...

    Commander Cody
    Order 66 Clone Trooper
    Obi-Wan on Mustafar (no action feature, lots of POAs, good sculpt/paint. #1 Obi is un-buyable IMO, and while the kicking one is kind of cool, I still want one that I can say is good!)
    Mace Windu Senate Chamber (Again, I just want a good Mace!)
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