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    New Lightsabers Found

    I found at target today three new lightsabers from hasbro they are a Green Luke Skywalker ROTJ Saber, A Darth Vader Red Saber and a Green Jedi saber. They are in the ROTS lightsaber Package. They look pretty cool. I only picked up the Darth Vader there was one left but two of the other ones.

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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    Is it the same Vader lightsaber as the OTC.

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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    yes it is but better package no doubt, no doubt in my mind

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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    Are we talking the 7-dollar sabers or the 20-dollar electronics?
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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    He's talking $20 ones. I saw today that the green one is a reissue of the 2003 one, which in turn is a repaint of Qui-Gon Jinn's saber from TPM. The packaging looks very good, with pictures of Nick Gillard and Jett Lucas as Jedi.

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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    Lets see some pics of it. Those have not hit around here yet.

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    Re: New Lightsabers Found

    I've seen these as well, the blade on the Luke saber looks shinier and greener, possibly iridescent. The picture on the Luke box of Mr Skywalker looks awful though, I don't know what Hasbro did but it seems like they digitally manipulated it and it seems really bad.
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