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    Hasbro Canada

    Does anyone know how to contact Hasbro Canada to inquire about new figure releases? Is there a department that we could get together on and push for the same figure release as the U.S.?

    I'm I the only one that is getting tired of not receiving the full Star Wars Line of figures? We should band together and request that they release all the toys here in Canada.

    What is the reason for the cutting of the last wave before each new movie is released? Does Hasbro in the U.S. have any say in the matter?

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    I'm not sure how to get in touch with Hasbro Canada, but I'm tired of getting gyped for figures too. I don't think there is anything we could say that will make them see things our way. I just don't think there are enough true collectors up here than in the U.S. that would make enough noise to have them listen.

    We got killed with E1 because of the WAAAY overproduced first waves that later showed up on clearance for $1 apiece!!! That's why retailers are extra cautious when purchasing Star Wars toys, as they may not be a guaranteed sell as originally thought. So, that is why we never saw anything past the Destroyer Droid/ Tatooine Maul waves. As for POTJ, Hasbro Canada was a little late jumping into that line so we missed the first waves. As for the last waves (FX-7 et al) I would recommend buying them online, just in case...

    I don't think that Hasbro U.S. has anything to do with what we get, nor should they IMO.
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    Canadian toys

    I think more people would collect if they knew that the waves would be released and not cancelled. I can't really stop now, simply because I have so many darn toys, I like to finish what I started.

    I hope Hasbro gets on board and starts helping the consumers that keep them in business.. They didn't seem to shy away from the bad JPIII toys, Wal-mart had lots of them.. and no one wanted them. The SW stuff is always selling.

    I hope that the 25th aniversary stuff is released here at least. I would like to get a list from Hasbro on what Canada is getting and what it is not, then I can at least order the stuff without finding it here a month later for half the price.


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