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    reissue figues on otc

    Hasbro should consider re-releasing some of the POTF figures on the OTC cards w/better sculpts. Not to be to picky but the Deathstar Trooper is one good example. I hope this is ok to post on this thread, thanks.

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    Re: reissue figues on otc

    Basically, I want reissues (brand new sculpts, of course ) of the core characters. Basic Idea:

    Han Solo:Endor Gear (soft goods poncho, blaster pistol,articulation,better facial sculpt)

    Luke Skywalker: Death Star II Jedi ( neutral pose, articulation, great facial expression, lightsaber, lightsaber hilt, binders)

    ETC....I could go on with it, but you get the picture. Hasbro could score HUGE points with collectors if they resculpted the core OT figures, got them done and out of the way, and really aimed at collectors. I know I would buy multiple versions of a new *perfect* DSII Jedi Luke, but Lord only knows when well see that....


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