If any of the Hasbro folks are scanning these forums please read and reply or at least consider..

I'm in Canada, I have been collecting since 1977..

I find it very difficult to find many of the figures because they get cut from release in Canada. Why is this? Why does the Canadian line get cut short?

The only difference between the U.S. and Canadian line is the packaging, not the sculpting. Hasbro is loosing a lot of sells here in Canada and discourage a lot of collectors because of the above mentioned. I'm sure a large population of collectors quit collecting because they knowing that all the figures won't even reach our Canadian retail outlets.

I'm tired of having to pay double the regular price from comic stores and on-line stores, just to finish my collection and am considering stopping to collect... I have every figure made since 1995 and would like to continue to collect but can't afford comic store prices for every other wave released....