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    Preety simple-Ive got an extra red saberspoon that Id like to trade for either a green or a blue. PM me if interested

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    Re: saberspoons

    Sorry Moulman I Have No Lego Sw Things At All. Would You Be Interested In Anything Else I Have For Tradeing Also Which Of The Items That I Am After Do U Have For Trade With Me ? Please Let Me Know Asap. Ty Much Joe Michaels

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    Re: saberspoons

    hey moulman, if you want lego things and you want to help me out on some of the stuff that is on my wants list, let's set up an arrangement, like if you send me the money to get you some of the lego things you need, then you can give to me some of the items on my wants list, so, would you like to make a deal with me on this let me know asap, ok ty much joe michaels.

    you can reach me faster at


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