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    Do Yourself A Favor!


    I remember as a kid watching Good Mourning America and being beside myself when some little punk kid (YES I SAID PUNK KID) decided it would be a great idea to tell the world the day before Return Of The Jedi hit theaters that Darth Vader kills the Emperor and saves Luke's life. Since then I go into complete media self deprivation, this means avoid reading anything associate with the Star Wars movies that can potentially ruin the movie for me. This means avoiding any reading anything that could potentially ruin a movie that I have pretty much waited 30+ years for. Is this going too far? Well for me the answer is 100% NO. I can get all my Star Wars fix on sites like these that take the utmost care to keep spoilers away from innocent eyes. So if you can not go 2 whole weeks with out CNN, E!, yahoo news and so on then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    You do realize that Anakin turns into/becomes Darth Vader, right?
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    Might wanna stick SPOILER in your post Frett.
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    You know I use to be a huge spoiler fan. When episode 2 was being made I read everything and I mean EVERYTHING about what was going on with that movie. I even read the leaked screenplay for it. The problem with that is there were absolutely no surprises. When I saw the movie for the first time I was like, eh I knew that was going to happen. So I made the decision after that to be completely spoiler free for Ep. 3.
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    I found it really hard to avoid spoilers this time around. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough or something.
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    I read the leaked screenplays for TPM and AOTC. I took them with a grain of salt even though they turned out to be accurate. I had a copy of the ROTS screenplay. I glanced through it but did not read it thoroughly enough to take anything in. I can't say I'll be going into ROTS totally spoiler free, but there will be more surprises than in the firts two for me.

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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    I've done an ok job of keeping myself away from spoilers for ep 1-3. However it takes a very strong person to not give into all this temptation. It's like knowing where your parents used to stash your Xmas presents and wanting to look but knowing it was wrong and that Xmas morning wouldn't be as exciting knowing what you got. However didn't all of us do it.

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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    I've already read the ROTS novel, so I'm just about as spoiled as you can get.
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    I like spoilers myself. To me, reading it in a book or on a website is different from seeing how things actually play out on screen in the film. That is just my personal opinion. We all pretty much know what will take place in this movie, just some of us do not know all the specifics.
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    Re: Do Yourself A Favor!

    Wait, slow down . . . Darth Vader kills the Emperor?

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