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    The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    Hey, if the ARC-170 fighter can have its own fan club thread, then surely this guy can. I mean, the action figures are the cornerstone of all Star Wars collectibles, and this guy is the best action figure Hasbro's produced in a while. Heck, it may even be the best ROTS figure. Let's look at the facts: The Clone commander is the only Col. 1 figure not to have an action feature. Big plus. He comes with a crapload of accessories. Another plus. He's got a lot of articulation. Big plus. He's got one of the best paintjobs I've seen on a Hasbro figure. Another big plus. The visor he comes with is pretty cool. But above all, this guy's a freakin' Clone Trooper! You can't beat that. He's also infinitely better than the other figures in his wave, like the Clone Pilot, Palpatine, and Grievous.

    So what do you say, guys? Wanna join the Clone Commander fan club?
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    This guy's my favorite ROTS figure so far; I really like it. He looks like an ARC Trooper with an even cooler helmet! They need to release lots of versions of this guy (we're getting a yellow Commander Bly sans visor in the Evolution set).

    I want to be known as "Grand Poobah of the Clone Commander Fan Club."
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    I love this guy, he is awesome. Glad I got 7 of him. Does that make me president of the fan club?
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    he has to be my favorite figure! everytime i walk by our display at work i just kinda stop and look at these guys. and to my self i say " hey man you're a pretty cool guy." to the figures that is no to myself!!!
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    The CC is definately one of the best figures (if not the best) of the ROTS line so far. Right now my CC count is 5, and hoping to add more to it.
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    I think what really makes ROTS stand out for me is the differant types of clones not just red and blue but like the Clone Commander and the other Elite Clones like Commander BLY,NEYO,CODY and I really cant wait til Commander Baccarra comes out, I hope they make them all.

    I guess Mr. Lucas figured hey its the last movie gotta make sure theres lots of toys to make.

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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    He was my favorite until I got #41, the SA Clone. His wasit articulation makes him a little better IMO, but the Commander is still a close second for how awesome and Bushido he looks.

    Yeah, I am in the fan club. I'll probably by more of these guys of I ever see them again...
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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    it's definitely my favorite of the ROTS line and i even bought 3 of them but i wish the skirt could have been made of a more flexible material...maybe even, dare i say it, soft goods!

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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    I totally agree. The commander is a great figure looks cool, well-articulated and comes with cool extras. The figure just rocks. And what's better, it's readily available in my area now.

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    Re: The Clone Commander Fan Club Thread

    This is the figure that caught my eye from the go get. He's been plenty tough to find, but I've managed 3 so far. I think the upcoming 'Evolutions' pack has a yellow or orange-ish version. Bring 'em on says I!

    BTW, I'd like to be Vice Pesident in charge of snacks for the fan club.

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