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Thread: Rarity(merged)

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    If someone has time, (I hate being a f**king pest) but could some one be gracious enough to list the rarest figures down here please, rarest to least rare, but still hard to find, if that makes sense? Thank you guys, all of you have been extremly gracious and kick ***** to me here!!

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    Re: Rarity

    i would have to say regular release would be the Palpatine with the blue saber. but if you go to exclusives i guess it would be the C3 Vader.
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    Re: Rarity

    Basic figs

    Red Guard
    Blue Guard
    AT-TE Gunner
    Clone Pilots
    CLone COmmanders
    and then everything else is tied

    I think it goes by area. I find alot of stuff that others cant find and vice versa.
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    Re: Rarity

    Basic figures

    Palpatine with Blue Saber
    AT-TE Gunner

    everything above #40 but give it 2 weeks and they're gonna be peg warmers like the Clone Commander...

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    Re: Rarity

    With or without crazy Jedi grimace?!
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    Top 10 rarest

    What are the top ten rarest ROTS figures.

    I have trouble finding C3PO, Padme, Red Royal Gaurd, Yoda (spining), AT-TE Gunners, and Dooko. Today at Target C3PO, and AT-TE driver were right in the front, and a kid walks up before I could get there and takes them. I almost screamed. But I know he would get more use out of them than I would.

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    Re: Top 10

    For me (well, these are the rare ones I DON'T have)

    Blue Guard
    Red Guard
    AT-TE Gunner
    SA Clone
    Battle Droid (Until yesterday)
    Meena Tils
    Ask Aak

    Now...for the List of Shame. (Figures on the previous list that I found and passed on and now regret)

    Blue Guard
    Red Guard
    SA Clone
    Battle Droid (Passed first time, quickly grabbed second time)
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    Re: Top 10

    Omitting later releases (i.e. anything over 45) I would have to say that the toughest ones around me are:

    Red Guard
    Blue Guard
    AT-TE Gunner
    #41 SA Clone
    Clone Commander

    I've never seen a Red Guard (even in pictures) and have only recently started to see large amounts (2 or 3 on the pegs) of the Blue Guards. I have yet to see any AT-TE Gunners on the pegs (thanks KH for the hook up) but have seen lots of #41 Clones but they fly off the shelves so I put them on my list.
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    Re: Top 10

    The only one I haven't seen is the Gunner.
    I've only seen the guards a few times (Red one only at MM).

    Other than that, I see the others quite often.
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