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    who would you be?

    If you could be any character in the Star Wars universe who would you pick and why? My self, I would choose a Tie Fighter Pilot. I think the uniforms and helmets are awesome, and who wouldn't want to pilot a Tie Fighter. In a close second spot is a tie between Storm, Sand, or Snow Troopers. Again uniforms and helmets are great. What does everyone else think?

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    Re: who would you be?

    Sio Bibble. I want the beard and people to call me Mr. Bibble.

    Or I'd be Padme's white bodysuit from AOTC.
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    Re: who would you be?

    Anakin/Vader....nuff said
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    Re: who would you be?

    Stormtrooper, loved them from the first minute they blasted there way into my heart, I mean onto the Tantive IV.
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    Re: who would you be?

    Even though his life pretty much sucked, I'll go with Anakin/Vader. As a kid, he gets to race pods and mess with machinery any time he wants (let's just look over the whole slavery thing). Being a Jedi would rock so hard! And of course Vader is the coolest guy ever, and you could choke anyone who went against you.

    And I definitely wouldn't say no to Padmé.
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    Re: who would you be?

    I would be Wedge Antilles. This guy piloted a ship in every key battle that the rebellion fought in and still lived to tell about it. From the assault on the first death star, the battle of Hoth, to the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of the Empire, he was able to see it all. He is a great pilot with exceptional skills, and he definately proved his worth in his service to the alliance.

    If I had to choose one of the main characters though, I would have to go with Anakin/Vader.

    Even though Boba and Jango Fett are 2 of my favorite characters, I would not want to go out the way they did, so I will just skip them.
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    Re: who would you be?

    I would be Luke, because he gets to kiss his sister!
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    Re: who would you be?

    I would be Luke, but not for the same reason.

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    Re: who would you be?

    Quote Originally Posted by sith_killer_99
    I would be Luke, because he gets to kiss his sister!
    Somehow this response doesnt suprise me, especially given how SK99 currently resides in Kentucky. Dont drink the water, it causes people to think incest is okay!!!

    If i could be anybody i would be Obi-wan, he was cool, even in old age.
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    Re: who would you be?

    i'm more supporting cast material than main character material and so Nien Nunb would be my choice. that way i still get to pilot the Millenium Falcon and play a crucial role in the Battle of Endor.


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