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    Target Clone Trooper Variation

    I Noticed That My Target Clone Trooper Has 2 Different Outer Cases On Them. My First One Is A Star Case Like The Ones Target Sold. My Second One Has The Symbol From The Clone Trooper In The Corners Not The Star. Did I Get Ripped Off? Wondering If Someone Made These And Returned Them For Me To Buy Again?

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    Re: Target Clone Trooper Variation

    Sounds like back in the days when people would buy ships and Cinema Scenes, take the figures out and replace them with common figures. Most store employees wouldn't think to even look at the figures.

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    Re: Target Clone Trooper Variation

    Check this thread out:

    BTW my clone trooper has the Vader logos.

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    Re: Target Clone Trooper Variation

    I have found both versions of this, found the Sith version about 2 weeks ago the Clone version a few days ago.

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    Re: Target Clone Trooper Variation

    I found one for my son last week with the Clone Trooper logos. It also seems that the figure actually fits into this case much better than the Lava Vader fit into his.


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