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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    will there ever be/or was there a darth maul force fx?

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    WOOHOO!!!! Thanks alot!!! I JUST started collecting minis and this ROCKS!!!

    OOH, any idea when the COllectors Society while be able to sign up? I can't WAIT to get my hands on that Darth Maul Mini! Thanks again... the PM is on it's way.

    Quote Originally Posted by MRCUSTOMERCARE
    Way to go Stalecracker!! That was great!! Congrats! Please send me a pm letting me know you won the mini and be sure to include your full name and shipping address.

    Thank you all sooooooooooooooo much for spending some time with us this afternoon! We really appreciate it! I will be back throughout the week to play more games so we can make the time pass more quickly before the movie release. I will be around for a few more minutes to answer any questions if anyone has any.

    Congrats again Stale!

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    You can sign up now if you call them directly. 1-866-REPLIKA....

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    stale i signed up via phone for the collectors society yesterday thru the
    1-866-replika number bro 59.95 said the darth maul mini would ship soon.....

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    We are trying to work on some SEs but have no confirmations at this time. We do have the AT-AT SE coming out which is signed by Phil Tippet.

    We do not have any current plans for the other two sabers but as always that may be subject to change in the future.

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    how bout any hints as to other sabers soon..... other than vader rots..hehehe

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    You can sign up for the Collectors Society by phone right now. All orders will be processed towards the end of the month. Once the order is processed your discount codes will be available on your account and your membership card will be printed and sent out. Your CS kit with the Darl Maul mini will ship out sometime in July.

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    When we see the pre-orders come available for the stuff slated for the end of the year like Vader ROTS saber and the helmet?


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