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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    I just signed up for the CC! Did you get my PM, CC? When do you think the Mini will ship? I can't wait!

    Quote Originally Posted by MRCUSTOMERCARE
    You can sign up for the Collectors Society by phone right now. All orders will be processed towards the end of the month. Once the order is processed your discount codes will be available on your account and your membership card will be printed and sent out. Your CS kit with the Darl Maul mini will ship out sometime in July.

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    All of our registered users will be getting an email today about the products coming up for sale on May 20th. I will give you the info early!

    Yoda Mini
    Darth Tyranus Mini
    Vader EP III LE

    We do not have any dates as to when anything else will be available at this time. As soon as we do we will let you know!

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    hey thanks a ton for the info and thanks for answering my questions as it is truly appreciated. You guys and gals know where its at and thats with the customers and you take care of us so thanks a bunch and keep the stuff coming!

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    Still around? I have a question. Any truth to the rumor that MR is going to bring back the three tier acrylic display stands? If so that would totally rock!

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    Re: Come Play With Master Replicas!

    You guys did a great job with the light up Sting replica. Is there any talk of a Anduril replica in the same price range as a Luke or Vader lightsaber? $100 - $120?


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