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    Anyone think EE will do a ROTS army-builder set??

    Considering the new AOTC Clonetrooper 4-packs seem to be a major success, does anyone else think Entertainment Earth and Hasbro will hook up again to release Clonetroopers from Revenge of the Sith. Maybe use the ROTS #41 SA mold but leave off the backpack. Also, do you think they'll make a Clone Commander 4-pack (each one a different color) and a Clone Pilot 3-pack for the ARC-170?

    Or do you think Hasbro will say "The Evolution 3-pack is good enough"??
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    Re: Anyone think EE will do a ROTS army-builder set??

    A ROTS 4-pack of SA Clone Troopers would be sweet!!!

    Obviously at this point we can only guess what the future holds but I doubt we'll see another exclusive in the same vein as the EE 4-packs, at least not for awhile. I think for the time being the only multi-packs of Clones will be the 3-packs and the Evolution sets. I'd be pretty surprised if we ever got a Clone Pilot or Commander multi-pack but you never know. At the very least we'll probably see more commanders in the basic figure assortment as well as squad specific repaints of the SA Clone Trooper (#41) at some point.

    If we were to see something like the EE exclusive again I'd guess it would be sometime next year at the earliest, if at all, and if Hasbro was smart they would offer them exclusively on their new online store. In order to keep the price reasonable they could take pre-orders well in advance to guage potential sales. I know I'd buy plenty.
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    Re: Anyone think EE will do a ROTS army-builder set??

    That ROTS SA 4-pack would be sweet! They'd only have to swap ROTS heads on, right? With the lack of SA Clones out there EE could sign up to sell this again. And if they didn't...

    Hopefully, Hasbro will use their site to sell some Army Builder sets even if they were just baggies in a plain white box like the Sandtroopers, Endor Soldiers, etc... All the Clone figures (Trooper, Commander, Pilot, Royal Guard...) would be sellers, even without repaints.

    I'd rather get loose figures cheap instead of a bunch of packaging anyway.
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