You may or may not know that we did a very soft launch (no promoting it other than within our Forums) of our Auction system. Everything seemed to go well but I wasn't completely happy with it (the system). I've made some changes and like what George Lucas did, I present our Forum Community first with the new SSG Auctions Special Edition.

You will find it visually more appealing and there are many new features such as the ability to offer a Trade and Wanted Ads and of course, the Anti-Sniping feature is still there. We invite you to try us out, it's FREE to list items to sell and we'll give you $10.00 in credit to use towards fees when you register!

We will start promoting it heavily across the web and print ads so check it out at , help us get it going by adding items and spreading the word that you have laying around and most of all, HAVE FUN!

PS. Everyone has to re-register. From here on out, this will be the final registration process (for those that have registered before).