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    Unleashed: Jedi Librarian (Spoiler) Y NOT SERIOUSLY!

    NO seriously when YOU KNOW WHO goes to the Jedi Library to do YOU KNOW YOU WHAT the Librarian drops the granny glasses and tea takes out her Saber and begins to KA and take names until YOU KNOW WHO slices her down! Gastly scene! See ROTS starting this THURSDAY or die/ go to jail (if you're there break out and promise to go back)/ or be frozen in carbonite unhappy!
    Maury: The DNA evidence has come back.... and LUKE.... He is your father!!!!
    Luke: NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Re: Unleashed: Jedi Librarian (Spoiler) Y NOT SERIOUSLY!

    I would be more excited by an unleashed space slug.
    Sigh... For once in my life i have nothing to say...

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    Re: Unleashed: Jedi Librarian (Spoiler) Y NOT SERIOUSLY!

    Wow. Are there any other background characters who warrant a thread demanding their Unleashed figures? How about Unleashed Jira, or Unleashed Dack?

    The joke ceased to be funny about three threads back.
    That's my jacket!

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    Re: Unleashed: Jedi Librarian (Spoiler) Y NOT SERIOUSLY!

    Please don't post SPOILER stuff in general threads!


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