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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Max was the soul of Sepultura, i got to see them with with Max right before he left. One of the best shows i ever saw. Mastadon was great live. I saw them with In Flames...... Flames was great but their sound was a smidge off on one of the guitars. Fear Factory rocks live! see them if you can. Raymond just about pounds the bass drum heads off.

    The most underated Guitarist in my oppinion is Jeff King of Danzig. That man has more talent than the rest of the band put together. Glen Danzig has a huge ego problem and wont let King play the way he wants too, for risk of the croud not paying attention to him anymore. One time when i saw danzig Glen cut Jeff off in middle of a solo becuase all eyes were on Jeff and not Glen prantzing arround the stage.
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Quote Originally Posted by darko666
    yeah, we will find something to agree on one day. and my mistake for saying you considered Korn metal. yeah, they do have a big following. but, we do have similar tastes in metal. nothing like a rant to get things going. ha ha, it was bound to happen in this thread sometime. speaking of Summer Sanitarium, was Sepultura a part of that tour? i remember hearing they were on that tour along with Slayer. they were never the same when Max left.

    No neither Sepultura or Slayer were on SS. In 99 when I saw it, it was Metallica (of course), Korn, SOAD, PM5000 and Kid Rock. In 03 it was Metallica (duh), Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit (yuk), Deftones and Mudvayne.

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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Kid Rock, please, that waste of oxygen needs to go back to the trailer park. Sorry if some of you like him but Singing country duets is inexcusable.

    Metal music is whatever you consider to be metal music. There are no clear lines of which bands are in that category and which aren't. Some may consider heavy riffs in some Korn songs as metal and some don't. When Korn first came out they were considered 'Alternative' (remember that term?). I also remember liking Dryvin N Cryin back in the late 80's and they were considered 'Alternative'. Some bands that are considered Hard Rock or even straight Rock do have some heavy songs that could creep into the Metal category. Ex. Weezer's 'hashpipe'. It has a heavey riff that is metal-like but they are pretty cemented into being 'Alternative' or 'New Wave'.

    I also don't consider ACDC as metal. Never have. That is straght, in your face, hard rock. Dream Theater is a mix of just about everything but they make it work and I really dig it.
    I myself do not like Death Metal where I can't make out the lyrics and they sing about disgusting things. That's just trying to get attention in my opinion. I mean for some of them it works because they sell a lot of records. Ex. Cannibal Corpse (from Buffalo btw) has a pretty big fan-base and that's all they do is play stuff that is real nasty but some poeple love it.

    I used to like Danzig but kinda soured on them a bit. For every good song there were several that just didn nothing for me. I had all their cassettes back in the day but now don't own a single cd by them. Guitarist was pretty good and in some songs sounded great. Maybe I'll get back into them someday.

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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    What i dont get is people that say they like Metal or a band beucase of the bands look or image. Metal is about the music first, in my opinion. Image can be cool but if the sound sucks who really cares. BTW i think i saw a Helloween mention earlyer. nice.
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bossk77
    Fear Factory rocks live! see them if you can. Raymond just about pounds the bass drum heads off.

    i would agree with that. i have seen them five times and they are always excellent. and always heavy as a very heavy thing! i was glad to see them get back together as they still have a pretty unique sound.
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    I can totally blow you guys away with this one. I actually saw a Omish Metal band play. They're set concisted of hay bales, a scare crow and butter churn. They were all dressed up and everything. How they practice back home on the farm i dont know, but they were pretty good believe it or not. Got to love the beards!!!!!
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    what is the name of the Omish metal band? i'm curious to see if they have any info on the internet. i would like to hear their music.
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    It was five years ago when i was in collage.... I will look for the ticket and or try to remember the name. It was a truly different experience in Metal. It was something omish or Omish something....
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Ok lets get this started up again...
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    Re: Any Metalheads out there?

    Was this band called The Amish Armada??


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