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    I've asked this before, but......

    nobody had an answer. So, can anyone tell me why 2 people claim to have the Obi-Wan/Gungan sub (micro-machine pack-in) Trophy set in the Price Guide, yet to my understanding this was never released?...........or was it? That's the Trophy set, not the Obi-Wan/Scout sub..........

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    Answer A: They are lying through their flesh eating teeth.

    Answer B: They have somehow, someway, accuired the prototype.

    Answer C: It was released, and EVERYONE completely missed it.

    Take your pick.
    But as near as I can tell, the thing got to the proto phase and Episode 1 glut helped kill it. All we got was Maul from the assortment.
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    Despite being a collector's magazines, they don't really pay enough attention to every single toy line to make certain it is 100% accurate. As a result, they somtimes include figures that have been cancelled, is a future release, etc. Another reason it could be included in the magazine is that sometimes figures, including unreleased figures, make it to the secondary market through e-bay, etc., which maybe the case here.

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    It's probably the same phenomenon where people claim to have bought a rocket-firing Boba Fett right off the pegs in 1979. Either they are mistaken, have been fooled, or are just lying to try to impress people.
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    I'll take "A" as the answer....which was most logical to me in the first place. Yeah, a prototype is "possible", but.......


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    I believe they are talking about the Obi Wan with Gungan Scout sub(The middle sized figure hight vehicle that came in the Maul w/Sith probe Speeder,Jar Jar w/cannon box series)

    I believe your talking about that (other) wet Obi Wan that was on the grey platform and came with a micro machine Sub,never came out

    Dont get confused!!!
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    I'm not confused.......hence the reason I said:

    ".......That's the Trophy set, not the Obi-Wan/Scout sub.........."

    in the first post!

    Look in the Price Guide under "Trophy" for "Episode 1".....2 guys claim to have it! THEY are confused or lying, which in either case a smack on the back of the head is in order.

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    A few painted versions do exist and are probably in collectors hands now.
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    emperor howdy,

    toy fair magazine has had lott dodd in thier price guide for a while, last time i checked. he has never been released.

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    It is quite possible that it was a prototype that had a limited carded run. The company probably printed a few, decided it wouldn't sell real well, and stopped production. Who knows, perhaps the employees were allowed to take them home. Hence some people have them. In any case I wouldn't collect it because it never saw a general release. I'm not into the whole prototype thing.

    They could also be mixing up the Gungan Sub w/ Obi-Wan that was in the Jar-Jar and Battle Droid Invasion waves. Those are my speculations at least.
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