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    Quick Draw I loath thee!

    It seems to have become the bane of my existance. I hate thing figure with a passion! It's everywhere I go, taunting me...laughing at me...laughing at me...laughing at me!

    "from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee!"

    Who's with me? Anyone?

    Well, OK, maybe it's just me...and I can live with that. I hate this figure.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a nice enough sculpt. They paint application seems to be pretty good for the most part. It comes with a removable shoulder armor plate with new Imperial logo which is a cool new feature.

    My problem is Hasbro's execution of this figure. First of all they killed it for me by giving it a lame action feature. I will never be able to bring myself to "Army Build" with this figure, not when I know that #41 is soo much better. Why does Hasbro do this to us?

    First the CT Stormtrooper was hard to find, sure they released him in subsequent lines, but always in limited amounts. They gave us an "Army Builder pack, but try finding it for less than $25.00 plus shipping. Then along comes SAGA and they decide to give us a Red Clone instead of the basic White. They put out the SA Clone for Clone Wars but production was a joke! So they give us "Army Builder" sets that cost an arm and a leg. Now they give us a basic Clone and stick a lousy action feature inside it. Then wait until #41 to give us what we want! How hard will this thing be to find...VERY!

    If Hasbro were smart they would ship #41 in solid cases!

    So round and round I go hunting from store to store, plenty of Clones to be found and all of them that horrible #6 action feature Clone. Few people seem to want it, and fewer still go out and build armies with it, especially when the SA Clone is on the verge of hitting wide distribution. Each time I see a Clone I wonder is this the one, only to be disappointed.

    Well, enough of my ranting, who's with me?
    May the force be with you.

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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I hate to say it, but I'm on the opposite side here. I think ROTS #6 is fantastic and actually better than #41 in many respects. The quick draw action feature doesn't hinder the sculpt at all. It's great for army building. I have about 6 or 7 of them already. Some I've customized with Shocktrooper markings or my own designs, and most of them have actually fire-induced battle damage.

    My favoritism of this stems largely not from the positive attributes of ROTS #6 but rather from the shortcomings of ROTS #41, which I will give.

    1) It's much harder to find than #6 (although I know that will change in the very near future).

    2) The "dirt marks" are horrible. They are so uniform and repetitious that they don't look realistic. No scuff/dirt marks are so precise.

    3) The hole left behind when the communications backpack is removed is visually distracting.

    There's my two cents. I'm sure there'll be more advocates for both sides of this.
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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I have 5 CT#6s, and I think they're alright, they can hold a lot of poses, and their legs even have more range of motion than the SA Clones'. For some reason, Hasbro has a hate-on with waist articulation on the Clone Trooper figures this go-round, the CT#6 and Clone Commander both don't have waist articulation even though CT#6 has the exact same gimmick as Anakin 28 and a few others who DO have fully-working waist articulation. Plus, I could find them, that's a major step up from the CT#41 who is still incredibly hard to find because everybody is going nuts for them. CT#6 has a decent sculpt (both 6 and 41 are a bit soft in the body sculpts, so neither has an advantage here), a clean paint job, 2 weapons, a swappable shoulder armor, and full range of motion in the arms, I can't see what's not to like except that he's not #41.
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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    #41 edges out becuase of the great waist articulation, but I agree that #6 has some advantages over it.
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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I fought the urge to buy up a mess of #6's at MM and instead wait and take the chance that Hasbro would produce enough #41's to meet demand.

    #6 just never looked right to me. The shoulders look funky and he stands kinda funny. Sunday I finally found my first #41 and I think I made the right choice. It's better, maybe significantly better IMHO, than #6. I just hope future shipments include more than 1 per case

    Sith Lord 0498 is right, though, the battle damage is a little weak, but doesn't detract much to me.

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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I like them both. I actually have a bunch of #6 clones on layaway and added 6 #41's to that same layaway last week. They are both great in their own way.

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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    Sorry I Build Armies And I Like Him Very Much.moves Great Imho. And I Love The Imperial Shoulder Plate. I Have 40 Of Them Now. And I Also Have A Few #41 That I Like.but As Far As The Action Feature Wrecking This Figure No Way.

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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I have to disagree with sithkiller99 on this one also. The Cone Trooper #6 is one of my favorite Star Wars figures ever! I have about 10 of them now. They're great for scene building, and I've gotten them into a number of cool action poses. I realy like them and I hope Hasbro keeps shipping them with future asortments.
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    Smile Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    Quote Originally Posted by beckmen
    #41 edges out becuase of the great waist articulation, but I agree that #6 has some advantages over it.
    Hey, I am very happy with both, actually....but saying #41 is worse than #6 is crazy talk! My only gripe (really) with #6 is the shoulders - too bulky.
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    Re: Quick Draw I loath thee!

    I'm with you guys who like the #6 trooper. He has lots of articulation, he's very poseable, and has a good sculpt. The action feature doesn't get in the way. The only drawback is that there is no waist articulation and if you raise his left arm too high, the shoulder armor pops off.


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