Hopefully Amy or another MR Rep will see this, but does anyone know if MR is planning to rerelease display cases for their full scale sabers? I know they sold them for their earlier sabers like the ROTJ Luke and the AOTC Obi-wan, as well as a limited commission run of Darth Maul custom display cases with acrylic covers.

I'm sure a bunch of you would desire a replacement case because of damage caused by a freak accident, or want a case for older sabers or that extra long double bladed maul saber for those who missed out the first time. They could focus on this before releasing rehashing previous sabers or if they have a dry streak for products (probably between ROTS and the planned TV series)

anyone else this this would be a good idea?

Oh, and that reminds me... if Aayla Secura is indeed the main character for the TV series, maybe you guys can produce her lightsaber. It can be your first female Jedi saber.