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    I just hit the jackpot...

    I wanted to share this cool story with you guys that happened just last night. I was out driving and I happened to pass by a Kohl's. Remembering that newer figures were found here, I decided to have a look. I get to the Star Wars figures...nothing that I didn't have, though I did see a few from the Clone Pilot wave. I turned to see if there were any on another aisle, when I see three unopened figure boxes on the floor marked "Hasbro Revenge of the Sith assortment". I got a sales associate, who was a very nice lady, and asked if I could check the boxes. She said sure, so she opened up the boxes. The first box only had the Tarfful wave. The second box had the Clone Pilot wave. The third box, to my delight, had figures that I needed. The AT-TE Gunner wave. I plucked out the four figures I needed; one each of the AT-TE Gunner, Polis Massan, Mas Amedda, and Vader's Medical Droid. I thanked the lady and checked out. Going home, I passed by Target. I figured I might as well check in there. I get to the Star Wars stuff and I find all of the new Deluxe figures. Vader w/ Medical Table, Yoda w/ Can-cell, Jetpack Clone, and the Vulture Droid. I couldn't believe my luck! There were plenty of Yodas, so I left him for another day. I walked out with Vader, the Clone, and the Vulture Droid. One of the best toy runs I ever had.
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    congrats on the awesome find. a couple of weeks before C3 i went on a figure hunt and hit up 2 Targets, and 3 Kohls, and to my suprise i got #33-40 all in one day. that was one of the best hunts i have had in a while.

    i still have yet to find any thing above that, and haven't even seen the deluxe figures yet in stores. but i will keep optimistic, and keep searching.
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    I found the Can-cell, Table Vader, Vulture Droid, & Jet-pack on the way to Indianapolis a couple weeks ago at Wal-Mart. And I found the SP clone, Wookie warrior, and Nemiodian warrior at target yesterday. They also had the deluxe figs, more cups, and Tank gunner clones, chopper droids and such.

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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    My wife was walking past the local PAC-Sun and some guy was handing out Grevious Bodyguards for free. Oddly enough she grabed one in perfect shape. Kindness + Star Wars = a great turn to any day! oh And i also picked up a LAVA REflect Vader for $8 wooo hooo! Quick note to anyone looking for one. the star cases on the vaders are very soft and dent easy.
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    About 3 weeks ago(im 15 and cant drive yet) my mom stoped by WM to pick some stuff up for my bros b-day, she wouldnt let me near the SW stuff causse she knew I would stay there forever. We went to the party suplys and behind some streamers someone stashed 3 ATTE gunners 2 Clone commanders and 2 Clone pilots. I got em all
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    Yesterday I was driving from Chicago to St. Louis. I stopped at two Targets on my way down with no luck. Then, I decided to stop at the last one on the journey. I found the Yoda Can Cell (last one I needed from the new deluxe), #38, and 41-44. Then, I asked them to look up the DPCI on the Clone Trooper exclusive...the response..."How many you want?"

    I only took the one that I needed but needless to say I left happy and smiling......That is what the hunt is all about!

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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    We went to the party suplys and behind some streamers someone stashed 3 ATTE gunners 2 Clone commanders and 2 Clone pilots. I got em all
    NICE score, very nice! I never understood why someone would stash figures at Wal-Mart considering they have a Lay-A-Way policy.

    Anywho, I am caught up to #40 and found the second wave of Deluxe figures at Wal-Mart today. I bought an extra Darth Vader Table to open, along with an extra chopper droid.
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    GG:I thought you got a date with someone at Target that way you get access to more stuff.
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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    very cool, thats what collecting and going on the hunt is all about! good for you

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    Re: I just hit the jackpot...

    Last night went into local WM, saw an entire pallet devoted to SW merch. Looked at the case asst's and grabbed the two wave 4 revision 1. Opened and grabbed 41-44 from both and a Anakin #2 w/ Dooku saber. Gotta love times like this.
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