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    Best Character of the Prequels is....

    For my money, Grievous wins! Upon first viewing, I really dug that guy. What really intrigued me was the coughing. Without that, it would have been just another one-dimensional standard issue bad guy for our heroes to kill. But that cough is what sold him as a mysterious multi-dimensional character. Just like the Boba Fett of old, I want to know more about his past, but so enjoy the intriguing mysterious personae, I wouldn't want to ruin it by learning too much. We all saw how AOTC destroyed all the coolness from our mysterious ESB Boba Fett and I'd hate to do that to Grievous.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    I vote for Episode II and III Anakin (everything past his days of 'YIPPEE!!' ).
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    I vote for Palpy, based only on episode III
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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    I saw the prequel trilogy unfold through Obi-Wan's eyes and his POV mostly. I really like how Ewan handled the character and played my hero and it's a nice transition for Obi-Wan fans to follow his character all the way through his concerns as a spirit in Return of the Jedi.

    I agree that we got a lot of good characters in the prequels and Palpatine ranks up there amongst those deserving the highest acolades.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    Grievous sucked. Pure eye candy and fluff for the fanboys. Rubbish.

    My favorite character is Anakin Skywalker from 2 and 3, with Obi-Wan Kenobi almost tying for first place.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    R2-D2 is the TRUE hero of the saga.

    But as far as just the Prequels, my vote is for Obi-Wan. No one could have played this role better than Ewan.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    Obi Wan - hands down

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    I've thought more about why I unexpectedly liked Grievous so much. He reminds me of Dex in AOTC. Both characters ironically strike me as categorically "real." What I mean is that despite their alien appearances, the personalities that come through are exceptionally believable. For Dex, it was his overall general greasy spoon mannerisms down to the butt crack. For Grievous, that cough totally sold this guy as somebody with a definite past and normal "human" fraility. That is a trait that we never really get from other characters...even from Anakin from whom we should be seeing that level of vulnerability.

    The only other character that immediately comes to mind that fits this bill is R2 D2...the ROTS and OT versions of him anyway. I and II were wasted efforts with both the droids, but ROTS finally put them to use and didn't play the court jester game with them.

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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    Palpatine is the best character of the prequel trilogy. Ian McDiarmid's performance was always complex, multi-layered, realistic, etc. Only in a few lines in the entire PT did he sound wooden, get the wrong inflection, etc. It would take too long to list the praises of his performance. I can only say that I wish I had the chance to see him perform live in the theatre.
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    Re: Best Character of the Prequels is....

    It's all about the Binks. Jar Jar, that is.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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