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    #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    I just picked up the #2 Anakin with Dooku-Saber. I searched: 1-Kohl's, 2-TRU's, 2-Targets, and 5-Walmarts looking at over 50 #2 Anakin's and only found one of these. There are two odd things to point out here: 1)The Dooku-Saber variant's datestamp is 50661 while all the other #2 Anakins that i saw had a lesser datestamp; 2)The Dooku-Saber variants bubble has been changed (look at the bubble near the hilt of the red sabers on both versions and you can see that one has a sharp 45* degree angle while the other gently curves. Given these two facts to me this would indicate that the Dooku-Saber variant is the *NEWLY RELEASED* version.

    Here's a comparison shot (dial-up beware): #2_Anakin_Variant
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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    Is there a gloved hand attached to the Dooku saber?

    I saw that too, and I thought it was a total hoax. But I guess not. Went looking tonight but didn't find one.

    Cool find though.
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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    Is there a gloved hand attached to the Dooku saber?
    There's no hand attached to the Dooku saber.

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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    I found 2 of these dooku saber anakins last night. While looking through all of them I even found an anakin error fig with no saber at all . But yes its a real variation and the dooku one is what they are changing to.

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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    Not that it matters much to me but out of curiousity exactly which one of these is the rarer of the 2? The one with the glove or the one with the Dooku saber?
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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    Dooku saber I would say.
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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    I would have to say the Dooku saber is the harder one to find, for now. I think I read this is a running change. Once all the "gloved hand attached" ones sell through I think you will see the Dooku saber as teh norm from there.

    Just like the blue saber Palpatine has a running change to be the correct red saber. After a while all you will see is the correct red saber.

    I found #35 Palpatine and #36 Grievous today at a Wal-mart. It was the first time I have seen anything above #32.

    Happy hunting!

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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    i guess so, i found the dooku version yesterday, it has a newer stamp the the first red/gloved saber. oh well.

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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    i'm guessing this is the version that should have been released from the begining. theres a reason why this figure comes with the dooku saber. i rather have this figure than the first anakin that was shipped.
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    Re: #2 Anakin Saber Variation CONFIRMED!

    Is there a gloved hand attached to the Dooku saber?
    I could be wrong but I think the reason there isn't a gloved hand attached to Dooku's saber is because Anakin actually holds it in his left hand in the film.

    As far as which will be the most rare of the two I'd guess they'll actually be pretty equal when all is said and done. Anakin #2 is 1 per case in at least 3 more assortments beyond Wave 2 so it'll probably balance out.

    A cool variation I suppose but hardly worth buying two of these figures IMO, unless you like being manipulated into buying multiples of the same figure by Hasbro. Oh wait I forgot this was an error and now they've made a running change to fix the mistake.
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