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Thread: FX...what the?

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    FX...what the?

    Have not seen this thread posted, so I must ad my thoughts.

    I have recently picked up a Master Replicas FX Sting sword from TRU for the amazing price of $14.99!!! All I have to say is WOW For such a "cheap" price, this item comes with it all. The hilt is metal (or some unearthly version of it), it is heavy as Sh__ (like a sword should be), and the blade emits a very nice blue glow (the Orks are near). Very very very cool

    So my question is, why can't they do this for Lightsabers?

    I have a nice (plastic) lightsaber collection, but up against the FX Sting (at the same price) there is no comparison. Granted, the FX Sting requires TWO lithium batteries (at about $7 each), but still I am impressed. My only complaint is that there is no vibration function.

    I'm not sure how many of you have seen the FX Sting, but I really can only imagine what the possibilities would be for Lightsabers. I know, the blade would be much longer than Sting, but maybe ad $5-10 for the cost of plastic and you have yourself a pretty sweet "toy".

    Anyone happen to know if Master Replicas has this in the works, or is the Sting version the first and final?

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    Re: FX...what the?

    Ahem...check here. The FX line of lightsabers have been around since 2002.

    The lightsabers are more expensive, but the Sting FX started out at the same price. TRU put the Sting on clearance for around 1/10 of what it originally cost! I think you and anyone else who was able to spot these at you local TRU (I have never seen them at mine) should pat yourselves on the back for getting such an incredible deal.
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    Re: FX...what the?

    Yeah, the Sting FX sword was originally $120. My local TRU has the same ridiculous clearance price of $15 as well. They've marked it down to 88% off.
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    Re: FX...what the?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sith Lord 0498
    Yeah, the Sting FX sword was originally $120. My local TRU has the same ridiculous clearance price of $15 as well. They've marked it down to 88% off.
    Yes, and don't count on the lightsaber fx to go on that kind of crazy sale. They're much too popular to get that kind of discount.
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    Re: FX...what the?

    The reason you got such a good deal on the FX Sting Sword is because that is the one of the only ways TRU or Master Replicas could sell them. I spoke to a vendor at Celebration III who had them for sale and was selling them at $40. And then later letting people make offers on the price for one. But he said that he and other retailers bought them from MR anticipating a demand and then nobody bought them. So they were forced to drop the price just to get rid of them. Because the sales of Master Replicas' Lord of the Rings replicas were soo poor -they discontinued ALL merchandise. They also had a Gandalf the White Staff FX in the works but of course was cancelled. Good thing too.

    As for the FX Sting Sword, Its nifty. But it doesnt compare to the actual Sting made by United Cutlery. You cant beat a real sword -doesnt matter if it glows or not.
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