Yes, we do indeed live in a golden age of Star Wars figure. We are almost yearly far exceeding the yearly output of figures from the entire run of the vintage line. We are close to doubling (if we have not already) the sheer volume of figures in the vintage run. And yet, there is something missing, a lot of something. So many characters that graced the vintage line remain unproduced in the new lines to date. Let us take a moment to remind Hasbro that these characters are still valid in our minds. We want them too!

I'm going from memory so forgive me if anyone slips my mind.

MIA: Imperial Dignitary (now with a real name), Cloud Car Pilot, Lumat, Teebo, Romba, Chief Chirpa, Klaatu (Jabba's Palace), Bespin Security Guard (blacK).

Well, theres a few anyway that have not escaped my fevered brain.

Feel free to fill in the blanks.