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Thread: OTC sandtrooper

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    OTC sandtrooper

    Was this a repaint? Was it a HOF figure? I am trying to tell if I have it or seems as though I don't, but it wasn't on my list of "no product" form Kebco and they shipped the other did this one just slip through the cracks?

    If it is HOF, then I know I missed that wave...

    Is this a repack of the POTJ sandtrooper?

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    The figure was #12 Sandtrooper (Tatooine Search), a post-OTC (Transitional) figure, released early this year. So it was on the silver/black cardback without the OTC logo.

    The POTC Sandtrooper was a re-release of the POTJ version although I don't know if it had any significant change in paint. I doubt it.

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    Nope, no changes, it is the exact same figure as the POTJ version.
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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    OK, I can live without it then.

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    I don't know it, looks pretty FN awesome on card! That's if you care about such things.
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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    Very tough find. I picked up about 6 of these Sandtroopers and 8 of those Imperial Scanning Crew figs. Glad I picked up them up now. I had no idea these would be so sought after. Here is one selling on Ebay. The price is crazy but I guess someone out there wants it bad.

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    The packaging is awesome! One of the best out of the whole OTC line.

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    Yeah, the card is sharp. I saw exactly one in stores, and the card was bent up pretty bad so I passed. It's one of the figures I'd like to go back and get once the ROTS line cools down.

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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    Since Hasbro jacked up their prices as this line was hitting stores, I passed on all the pOTC re-releases. I wouldn't mind buying more Sandtroopers and Biker Scouts but there is absolutely no way I'm paying $6.99 for a 4" figure, especially a repacked one. Go to hell Hasbro!
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    Re: OTC sandtrooper

    I saw one of these go for $42.00 on Ebay the other day.

    I did manage to find a few of these back when Wal-Mart still had 'em marked at $4.99 or whatever. So I didn't have to pay the mark up price.
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