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    Palpatine: "one cheated death" & Anakin's father? (merged)

    when palpy tells ani that only one has cheated death i originally assumed he was referring to a previous sith lord. after rewatching the movie today i now feel that he was referring to qui-gon. somehow palpy determined, as did qui-gon, that someone could exist forever within the force. unlike qui-gon palpy obviously hasn't unlocked the key to this ability.

    with this interpretation it makes palpy into a liar when he tells anikin that the secret to saving someone from death can't be taught by a jedi, since only qgj (and later ben & yoda) learn it. how and why ani becomes a spirit at the end of ROTJ are completely open for supposition.


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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    I thought he was talking about a prior Sith Lord who somehow figured how to extend his life. QGJ to me didnt cheat death, he died, he got gutted plain and simple. Yoda and Ben later give themself to the force. If QGJ can survive in the afterlife, why cant others? Maybe they didnt figure out how to come back, but QGJ did by continuing to study.
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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    The first time I saw ROTS I thought Palpy was refering to his master as being the one who has cheated death. However after seeing it for the 5th time, I am starting to think that the only one who has cheated death is Palpy himself. I could be wrong, but to me it makes sense.
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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    He's not talking about Qui-Gon.

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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    I thought it was his master or Palpy himself.
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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    Palpatine is supposedly 1000 years old in ROTS due to the knowledge he got from his master Darth Plagueis, so Palps is the one who cheats death here... at least for another 22 years or so.
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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    If you want to dip into EU, he could be talking about Exar Kun. Or Freedon Nadd.
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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    Qui-Gon said something in the cut scene about a Shaman of the Wills, I read this at the Digital Bits.

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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    The comic version mentions the Whills as well.

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    Re: "only one has cheated death"

    Initially when I read about the whole Qui-gon being the first to become one with the force thing and him teaching this to Yoda I thought 'wow thats a good idea'...but now that I think of it - it still doesn't explain why his body didn't disappear like Ben and Yoda's. Or is there some further explanation given in the film that I've not heard about? If not this is a stupid oversight which could so easily have been avoided by having Qui-gon disappear after he finished his dying words to Obi-wan, thereby allowing us to assume that all force-users disappear after death.


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