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    NEED AT TE Gunner for my son

    Hello all,
    I have been looking everywhere for a AT TE gunner for my 7 year old son. I would like to get two if I can. They do not have to be MOC because he will open them. I am striking out all over. I have lots to trade mostly older Star wars, LOTR and maybe some GI joe loose. Please help me out. I am tired of driving around.


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    Re: NEED AT TE Gunner for my son

    hey there slaps, just curious as to what older sw things you have for trade ? please let me know asap. ty much joe michaels. you can reach me fast at


    ok everyone please listen up. here is what i have to trade and here is what i am after.

    haves list

    saga box set from aotc, saga box set of the imperial forces with a factory error, there was no r5 unit within it when i bought it.

    saga figures mint in package : i have c-3po from aotc, barriss offee from aotc.

    otc bespin leia mint in package

    power of the jedi queen amidala in red dress somewhat mint in package

    2 loose and complete sets of the europian clone trooper exclusive figures

    some doubles of loose star wars figures

    some fast food toys

    i have tons of other sw things in storage that i had doubles of that i was trying to sell and they never went anywhere. so, if your interested in them as well, i will see what i have and let you know.

    lots of star wars comics

    some other comics as well

    star wars clone wars animated micro series all 25 episodes on vhs tape

    star wars puzzle of mace windu nrfb

    if i have anymore things to list you will be the first to know and for the wants.

    wants list

    rots figures #'s 41,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56.

    arc 170 starfighter
    republic gunship

    rots dlx figures of anakin,obi wan, general grievous, vulture droid, yoda on can cell,crab droid, clone troopers 3pk, stass allie and spider droid.

    exclusive figures lava vader and clone trooper

    otc the original trilogy music cd's or the 6 cd box set either one will be good as long as they are the same thing i'm after.

    potj rebel snowspeeder, bwing fighter, tie interceptor, luke with bacta tank, darth maul with training droid, atst with speeder bike.

    saga ewok hangglider, jabba the hutt, red leader xwing fighter,luke skywalker xwing from dagobah, anakin's swoop bike, count dooku's speeder bike, clone trooper pilot, republic gunship, the endor, hoth and death star accessories sets.

    now thats it for my wants list, i hope some of you will contact me so i can make some deals and get my stuff i need. ty much joe michaels.

    ps, please be sure to always keep checking back with me as i will be updateing this list and the haves list every chance i get. ty again and may the force be with you always.


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