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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    Here goes, this is thougher than I expected:

    1. Pilot Battle Droids
    2. Nemoidian ship Captain (Invisible Hand)
    3. Padme in Senator's robes with hair in buns
    4. Rune Haako
    5. Tikkes (Quarren)
    6. Po Nudo (Aqualish)
    7. Padme Nightgown light blue with white beeds (pregnant)
    8. Anakin shirtless with Jedi over-robe, prosthetic arm, (and smile)
    9. Anakin in regular Jedi robes not pre-posed
    10. Twi'lek chick from the Opera
    11. Commander Cody (orange Clone Comdr.)
    12. Lampa Fay - aide to Tion Meddon
    13. Utai - little creatures that fuel Obi-Wan's fighter
    14. Hologram Cmdr. Cody
    15. Jedi Killer Clone (blue) that storms the temple
    16. Commander Bly (Aayla's Clone Cmdr in yellow)
    17. 21-B droid (Vader's birth)
    18. FX-6 droid (Vader's birth)
    19. Padme's baby delivery droid with Luke & Leia
    20. E3 Queen of Naboo

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    We need lots of Clone Troopers with all varieties of armor, equipment, and markings.

    And along those lines, we need more separatist soldiers. It doesn't seem right when we already have so many clones and hardly anyone for then to fight (except Jedi). We need some sturdy, well-articulated battle droids and super battle droids. Army builder sets would be nice.

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    1. Blue-highlighted Clone Trooper (Jedi Temple)
    2. Red-highlighted Clone Trooper
    3. Lava river being (name?)
    4. Neimodian bridge operator (seen in Ep1 as well)
    5. The robot-like figures that greeted Anakin, etc. after they landed on Coruscant. They are at the far left and are pretty cool looking. Remind me of
    6. Take-apart Battle Droid. One that you can diassemble and reassemble with locking joints. The one that came with the Naboo playset was so weak. Also have the seems painted orange like in the movie to simulate heat from the sabers (that was a cool effect in the new movie by the way)
    7. Commander Cody
    8. Removeable hands Mace Windu
    9. Removeable head Dooku
    10. Oil-slicked Super Battle Droid
    11. Medical droid w/infant Luke & Leia (although infants aren't that cool they would be a suitable fill in with the medical droid)
    12. Boss Nass (Padme funeral)
    13. QuiGonn holographic (in anticipation for DVD cut scene)
    14. Dignitary that accompanied Tion Medon
    15. Battle-worn Obiwan
    16. 2-1b
    17. Other medical droid on Star Destroyer
    18. Star Destroyer operator
    19. Younglings
    20. Padme in night-gown complete with a little cleavage

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    1. Blue Clonetrooper (Jedi temple)
    2. Commander Cody
    3. Beru w/ baby Luke
    4. Owen Lars
    5. Padme in nightgown
    6. Commander Bly
    7. Bail Organa's wife w/ baby Leia
    8. Kashyyk Biker Scout w/ articulation and rifle
    9. Green Kashyyk Clone commander
    10. Nute Gunray w/ "battle damage"
    11. Vader's medical droid (similar to chopper, but fatter)
    12. Star Destroyer commander
    13. Gray 2-1B
    14. Queen of Naboo
    15. Mygeeto Clone Snowtrooper
    16. Younglings
    17. Senator Padme w/ Leia "buns" hairdo
    18. Lampa fay
    19. Senate Chamber Clone Trooper
    20. Orange Clone w/ different helmet (single "mouth" hole)

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    My list is clone heavy.

    1. Commander Cody
    2. Commander Gree
    3. Commander Neyo
    4. Commander Bly
    5. Blue Clone death squad
    6. Orange infantry
    7. Yellow Infantry
    8. Coruscant Shock Trooper
    9. BARC Pilot
    10. Green Infantry
    11. Clone Medic
    12. Mygeeto Snow Clones
    13. Pilot battle droid
    14.Hologram Commander Cody
    15. Hologram Darth Sidious
    16.saber damaged battle droid
    17. yellow battle droid
    18. red battle droid
    19. naboo queen
    20. removable helmet vader

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    I like all of these ideas, but I'd be happy with just three more:
    1. Commander Cody
    2. Blue clone trooper
    3. Darth Vader hologram (Mustafar transmission)
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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    Ok here is my list of what I would like to see.

    1. Palpatine from his "Galactic Empire" speech
    2. Opera box Palpatine
    3. Anakin in his Jedi pj's
    4. Cody
    5. Bly
    6. Gree
    7. Neyo
    8. Kashykk clones
    9. Blue death squad clones
    10. Jedi Younglings
    11. Baron Papanoida (sp?)
    12. Cin Drallig
    13. Female protocol droid
    14. any R2 unit from Star Destroyer hanger scene (Obi/Cody speech...I'll have to hold off on destroying all the droids until you get there...etc.)
    15. Coleman Trebor alien in Palpatines opera box
    16. Holographic Yoda (to be placed in the Jedi Council scene collection)
    17. Holographic Plo Koon (again see above)
    18. Holographic Ki-Adi-Mundi (see 16)
    19. Anakin Skywalker with soft goods, jedi council chair, and a damn good likeness to Hayden Christensen
    20. Obi-Wan Kenobi with soft goods, jedi council chair, and a damn good likeness to Ewan McGregor

    There that should do it.
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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    Argh... Tycho, there are no Medic Clones. That Clone is not a medic, he's Lieutenant Fox, second-in-command of Cody's Legion (He could be a commander, but he's second in command).

    1. Coruscant Shock Troopers (Yoda Search)
    2. 501st Legion Trooper (Temple Raid)
    3. Lieutenant Fox (Utapau)
    4. Bacara's Legion Grunt (SnowClones)
    5. Commander Cody (Utapau)
    6. Commander Cody's Legion Grunt (Utapau)
    7. Commander Gree (Kashyyyk)
    8. Commander Gree's Legion Grunt (Camo Biker Scout)
    9. Quinlan Vos (He'll probably be on the DVD, if I can't choose him then replace Quin with Commander Bly)
    10. Swamp Speeder Driver (Green Clone seen in V. Dictionary)
    11. V-Wing Pilot
    12. AT-RT Pilot
    13. Commander Neyo
    14. SA General Grievous, Soft Goods cape, etc
    15. Neimodian Pilot
    16. Baron Papanoida (The Guy GL Plays)
    17. Cin Drillig
    18. Queen of Alderaan with Baby Leia
    19. Beru with Baby Luke
    20. Owen Lars

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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    1. Clone Snow Trooper: red/white -Mygeeto battle
    2. Commander Gree: green -Kashyyyk battle, serves under Yoda
    3. Commander Cody: Orange, serves under Gen. Kenobi
    4. BARC Speeder Pilot: Commander Neyo's squad
    5. Commander Bly: Yellow -Fulicia Battle, serves under Gen. Secura
    6. Death Squad Clone Trooper: Blue, Jedi Temple massacre
    7. Commander Cody's Clone infantry: Orange
    8. Coruscant Fireship Pilot
    9. Commander Bly's Clone infantry: Yellow
    10. Medic Clone Trooper: Orange -Utapau battle
    11. Anakin Skywalker: Jedi robes -not pre-posed
    12. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Softgoods -Jedi Council w/chair
    13. General Grievous' Bodyguard: Blue IG-100 Magna Droid
    14. Star Destroyer Hanger Bay Technician
    15. 21-B Droid: Vader's birth
    16. FX-7 Droid: Vader's birth
    17. Battle Droid: Pilot
    18. General Grievous: larger version
    19. Aunt Beru: w/ infant Luke Skywalker
    20. Uncle Owen

    As you can tell I'm a pretty big fan of all the versions of Clone Troopers. Even though he wasn't seen in the film, unless I missed him, I would love to see Clone Commander Neyo at some point but I can understand why he isn't on the list. However I think Commander Thire and/or his shocktroopers with red markings (seen in the senate auditorium after Yoda's retreat) should be included. If so you could put them in at #'s 11 and 12 bumping off my # 19 & 20 choices.

    Tycho, I'd suggest accepting write-ins and if they garner enough votes to break into the top 20 you could include them on the list. Just an idea
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    Re: VOTE for your Top 20 most wanted ROTS Figures Not Made Yet

    Great lists so's my go at it...

    Commander Cody
    Pols Massa Maternity Droid
    Pols Massa Head Medic Droid
    Utai Mechanic
    Bail Organa "Democracy Dies"
    Padme Amidala "Democracy Dies"
    Clone Trooper "Jedi Temple Attack" (Blue)
    Commander Bly "Felucia Assault" (Orange)
    Clone SnowTrooper "Mygeeto Attack"
    Upataun Preist
    Invisable Hand Captain "Nemoidian"
    Nute Gunray
    Rune Haako

    Hologram series:
    Darth Vader "Mustafar Transmission"
    Ki Adi Mundi "Council Meeting"
    Plo Koon "Council Meeting"
    Aayla Secura "War Room Breifing"
    Commander Cody "War Room Briefing"
    Yoda "Kaassyk Transmission" (Sitting)

    Also, single-carded reissues of figures like Shu Mai, Poggle the Lessor, San Hill, Passle Argente(with new robes) and Holo-Sidious would be welcome.
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