Choose 20 characters from the list of 72 provided below.

Make #1 the figure you want the absolute MOST. It will receive 20 points.

Make #20 the figure you still want, but less than 19 others, and it will receive 1 point.

On June 1st, I will tally up each character's points and create our collective Top 20 list for ROTS.

We'll give the list to Hasbro along with this thread's web address in July at Comic Con.

These must be basic carded figure size and price points. Choose your Top 20 from this list:

Anakin Jedi Fighter Pilot
Security Battle Droids
Pilot Battle Droids
Niemoidian ship Captain (Invisible Hand)
Dooku with removeable head and hands
Coruscant Fireship Pilot
Bail Organa in Senator's robes
Padme in Senator's robes with hair in buns
Female shaped protocal droid in landing bay BTY-10
Jar Jar
Senator Fang Zar
General Grievous - larger size
Rune Haako
Lott Dodd
Shu Mai
Passal Argente
Tikkes (Quarren)
Po Nudo (Aqualish)
Wat Tambor
Poggle the Lesser
Geonosian aide
San Hill
Padme Nightgown light blue with white beeds (pregnant)
Anakin shirtless with Jedi over-robe, prosthetic arm, (and smile)
Anakin in regular Jedi robes not pre-posed
Plo Koon hologram - a softgoods hologram with chair?
Ki-Adi Mundi hologram - sitting, ditto on the softgoods question
Obi-Wan Kenobi softgoods, with Jedi Council chair
Anakin Skywalker - soft goods, Jedi Council chair, etc.
Pablo Jill - softgoods, Jedi Council chair
Sly Moore - softgoods (Opera)
Coleman Trebor-type alien in Palpatine's opera box
George Lucas as Baron Papanoida
Twi'lek chick from the Opera
Blue Gen. Grievous' Body Guard (Magna Droid)
Darth Sidious Hologram
Clone Commander Gree (Yoda's Kashyyyk group wears green)
Medic Clone (orange Utopau)
Commander Cody (orange Clone Comdr.)
Cody's Clone Trooper (orange infantry)
blue R2 droid with white dome
Lampa Fay - aide to Tion Meddon
Utai - little creatures that fuel Obi-Wan's fighter
Hologram Aayla Secura
Hologram Cmdr. Cody
Star Destroyer Hanger Bay Technician
Jedi Killer Clone (blue) that storms the temple
Snow-Clones (Mygeeto, red and white, serve under Baccera & Ki-Adi Mundi)
Commander Bly (Aayla's Clone Cmdr in yellow)
Bly's Clone Trooper (yellow infantry)
Bariss Offee - cut scene, but useful for AOTC's scenes in Palpatine's office
BARC Speeder pilot from Stass Allie's death scene
human younglings
Bail Organa airspeeder pilot outfit
Jeremy Bulloch as Tantive IV pilot - his name is not supposed to be Colton
Polis Masan - fat one
21-B droid (Vader's birth)
FX-6 droid (Vader's birth)
Padme's medical droid
Padme's baby delivery droid with Luke & Leia
Padme's Father
Padme's Mother
Padme's sister, Sola
Padme's nieces 2-pack
E3 Queen of Naboo
Sio Bibble
Boss Nass
Imperial Officer green/grey uniform - generic
Bail Organa's wife (Queen of Alderaan) with Leia
Aunt Beru with Luke
Uncle Owen