The Official SSG Top 20 ROTS Most-Wanted Figure List:

Updated since Comic Con 2006

- Commander Cody
- Blue Death Squad Clone (Jedi Temple Attack)
- Commander Gree (Yoda's green camaouflaged Clone Cmdr.)

- Aunt Beru Lars (with baby Luke Skywalker)
- Uncle Owen Lars
- Snow Clone (Mygeeto betrayal of Ki-Adi Mundi)
- Commander Bly (Fallucia betrayal of Aayla Secura)

- Queen Antilles-Organa (with baby Leia Organa)
- Medic Clone (Utopau - "No one could have survived that fall, Sir.")- Senator Padme Amidala (hair in buns..."Annie, I'm pregnant.")
- Padme Nabarrie-Skywalker (nightgown..."So love has blinded you?")
- FX-6 Medical Droid ("Lord Vader, can you hear me?")
- Niemoidian Ship Captain (Invisible Hand - "All batteries fire! Fire!")- Padme's birthing aide droid (Polis Massan - "Uba....Uba.")
- Coruscant Fireship Pilot ("We'll guide you in.")
- 21-B Medical Droid ("Where is Padme. Is she alright?")
- Baron Papanoida (George Lucas' cameo during the Coruscant Opera)
- Anakin Skywalker (regular Jedi robes. "May the Force be with you, Master.")

- Palpatine's Shock-Troopers ("There's no sign of him, Sir.")
- Commander Neyo - (BARC Speeder, Stass Allie's betrayer)

I think Commander Neyo is still just a rumor at this time - but I may be mistaken and he might've actually been shown.