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    pics of new wave

    Over on, they have the pics of the new Anakain Mustafar, R2-D2, and Commander Baccara. Check out Anakin tho...Im sorta dissapointed with the figure... its not what I was expecting. I believe their out in August. Thanks again to for the pix and info! -To the entire article -R2D2 carded -Comm. Baccara carded -Anakin carded

    Check out the site to see loose pix of these figures also!

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    Re: pics of new wave

    Very dissapointed with the new Anakin! Very basic looking.

    IMO he needs to look more dirty than that, covered in ash and burned.
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    Re: pics of new wave

    I was shocked at how huge his unburned head was. It looked monsterous, no wonder he decided to do what he did at the end of the fight, he saw the lava as a way to burn off some of that noggin! Before the so-called
    "charred" Anakin can be used with Mustafar, he will need a paint job. This figure just looks like he lost his hair in chemo. Bacara looks fine, except the feature could have been left off to make him more movable. Lastly, we get the AOTC R2 with a new base!!!! I am really not excited about this, there is no need for 2 figures out of the 56 to be R2. Overall, this not an exciting assortment to me anymore (but the completion of the 56 dictates that I buy it....damn.)
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    Re: pics of new wave

    I guess we're not actually getting two figures with Anakin, but one figure and a legless "shell." Guess I can save money on buying two of these after all. And I agree - charred Anakin should look more like Freddy Kreuger than a yellow-skinned Mr. Freeze. Very disappointed considering the hype this got, although if it means the scalpers won't gobble it up as quickly, then that could be a good thing.

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    Re: pics of new wave

    Yeah the prototype pictures made it look incredible cooler. I am a little upset with it as well.
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    Re: pics of new wave

    No doubt.... the Anakin prototype (the one in the fold out ROTS lineup) looks like a bad-a*s! The carded figure just looks too plain. They could have done without the "intact," unburnt Anakin head all together (he looks like "leave it to Beaver"), and just given us a hooded cloak. I at least hope that his legs come off!

    Commander Baccara looks pretty sweet! Though the helmet reminds me of a boar's face. Is it just me, or this figure thicker and stockier (more muscular) than the other clones.

    I agree... another R2 with sounds is a bit unnecessary. I think what would have been cooler is to give R2 (figure #7) the same kind of flames that were used with the OTC Boba Fett as part of the base. It has those little rockets on it's legs... let's put them to use. Then, get rid of this new R2.

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    Re: pics of new wave

    Ugh, why did they tone down the paintjob? I was REALLY looking forward to the Anakin fig, now I guess I will buy it but I am no longer psyched.

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    Re: pics of new wave

    The Bacara pic shows that the fig is the same as the #6 Clone with the exceptions of his Helmet and other armor and accessories. In other words if i turn out to really not like the Quick-Draw feature I can just customize him to be SA with the #41 Clone.

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    Re: pics of new wave

    I would keep in mind that the figures we see here, mey not be what is in the end product, plus with Hasbros tendency to change items during a run, like the Anakin with the incorrect lightsaber, the Palpatine with the Red/Blue saber and such, we might get two versions of the Anakin. I'm going to take a wait and see with this one, and hope we'll get a charcoal colored Anakin/Vader.
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    Re: pics of new wave

    Wondering 2 things...
    Do Anakin's legs come off?
    Why is he called Anakin anyway? He was Darth Vader by then.
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