I know you have heard rants about your ROTS line and most likely have read some of these thread but he fact is maybe you should listen to us. True some of us may not be artists or even designers but the fact is there are some great ideas for the STAR WARS line inside these forums. Perhaps you should consider designing some of them. You already know that if you put out a decent product it will be bought if not by us then by the millions of children throughtout the world who want to relive the adventures of the movies.

I have been an loyal and devoted fan since 1977 and have made several attempts to get the chance to show Hasbro some of my ideas. I am currently studying art and design at Kean university in Union NJ and have several degrees in advertising, fine arts as well as industrial design and have studied toy design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While this is not a cry for employment, I would like to say that I am still very interested in meeting with someone in the design dept and sitting down with them at least to ask how might one get a job with the hasbro design team and perhaps share some of my ideas with the design dept.

On a serious note, I would like to say that within these forums are some very talented and creative minds who look to this as there chance to share with the world their love for a movie franchise that started a long time ago in a galaxy so very very near.