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    Hardest to find ROTS

    Since I wanted to be spoiler free I had my mother buy a few ROTS figures for me for the last month. I just saw the movie, so I can look at and buy figures now. But I am a little out of the loop.

    Who are the hardest to find figures? I read the thread about the both kinds of guards being rare. And I noticed that I didn't see any C-3POs or Darth Vaders on the pegs since I started looking; are they rare? And who else is hard to find?
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    In my experience so far, the only "rare" ones are whatever the newest wave is.
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    Rarely seen on the pegs:

    C-3PO - i havent seen this droid since the end of april
    Blue/Red Guards
    Count Dooku
    Clone Troopers #6, #41
    Tank Gunner
    Darth Vader - a few stores might have him
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    I have never seen the tank gunner on the pegs (a nice Target employee found one for me in the back) and I've only seen the red guard once and that was on 4/2. I've seen 1 - 44 in abundance otherwise. Of all the others though, it seems like I only see the blue guard once every couple of times I'm out.

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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    Yeah - where the hell is C3PO? I couldn't believe that when Target had their sale a few weeks ago I couldn't find a single one of these!
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    I don't know if this is true or not, but I have also heard that Padme is a problem to find right now. I am not sure about the hardest to find anymore. I got the first 32 on April 2nd and have not looked for them since. And each wave when it hits so far has been easy to get a hold of. I know silly things like Palpatine with the blue saber is hard to find.
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    I have not been able to find #38(at-te gunner) anywhere. Walmart by me has had a bunch of clone commanders,clone pilots, and #41 clone troopers. Yesterday I found #45,46,47.But the gunner, can't find anywhere

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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    The Royal/Senate guards are definitely the hardest to find along with the AT-TE Tank Gunners. I've seen plenty of them actually, at store AM openings, but they always get picked up w/o exception. The 41s seem to be around in better supply and now I've seen that all the post 4/2 waves are almost like pegwarmers in my area.

    A lot of the Jedi Masters, Padme, C-3PO, and even Yoda and OB1 are starting to become harder to find. I didn't get many of these cause I thought they'd be around like crazy for ever and I'd be able to get them on future clearances.
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    I would say the ones I have seen the least of (not including variations) are

    Royal Gaurd
    R-2 D-2
    Tank Gunner (such a cool figure)
    #3 YODA
    and any standard Battle Droid (no matter what paint scheme)
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    Re: Hardest to find ROTS

    I think the answer to this question is going to very greatly depending on region. I've plenty of the clones, even #41. I've seen plenty of Tank Gunners, and Commanders also. I think it's to early for anything from this movie to be rare. Wait til' it's been out a year, and stores don't want to order anymore. That's when Hasbro will start focusing the line on figures that we the collectors want, because they know we're the only ones interested. Then we'll all clamore to find figures that Hasbro won't make enough of because retailers aren't ordering as many.


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