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    I honestly had no idea Hasbro owned the fan club, this explains the changes in the Jawa Trader. They're just dumping backstock on us!

    As fo the different assortments you listed, Obi-Dan Kenobi, if a retailer felt that an assortment of purely army builders wouln't sell then they wouldn't order it and then your chances of finding some would be zilch.

    Hasbro would love to make every figure on our wish lists, they have no reason not to make a figure they're sure will sell. It's the retailer middlemen who are ruining it for us. This is probably why we haven't seen a new Jabba, since the blasted SE and Ep1 crap versions rotted on the shelves. Thus the retailers think Jabba is an unwanted figure and will probably never order him again.

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    The Episode One Jabba rotted on shelves? Where's that? I haven't seen it to this day.

    I take it you're talking about the Jabba Glob as opposed to the horrible-looking one with the two-headed announcer, right?
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    I totally forgot about the Jabba with announcer, I was refering to the Jabba glob. I've never seen the w/announcer version but from the looks of the thing it's crap.

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    I wonder if the phone number I had for Hasbro Direct sales was a hoax. I actually called them, but they didn't have any figures that I wanted so I didn't place an order. If it was not a hoax, wouldn't this violate the license?
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    Yeah, that Jabba w/ Announcer WAS crap. Never saw it in stores, and I wasn't too disappointed. Except that it was probably part of the reason I never saw an Eopie.


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