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    How to store a huge collection?

    I've decided that it's a waste of time and money to sell my collection on Ebay for a 4th of what I paid, so I'm going to store all of my toys for a several years. What is the best way to store them? I have large plastic bins to put the toys in, but should I get certain padding on the inside? Is it alright to store them in my basement? What do you guys recommend if I do'nt plan on opening them for five or ten years?

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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    I recently started to buy plastic tubs at Wal-Mart, seems the easiest and best way since they keep water out and dust as well.
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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    I have been keeping all of mine in the original cases they came with. But about 50% of mine is in copy paper boxes or by itself. Yeah, I think I need to buy those clear tubs.

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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    Rubber maid totes is the best way to go.

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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    Be careful what you buy though, if you go with some of the cheaper totes, they can crack or get brittle after years of storing your collection. Heavyier items on the bottom. Also make sure that the totes you buy can be stacked on top of one another. I bought several large totes some years ago, not even realizing that the tops were rounded, and not designed to stack on top of one another.
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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    I go with majority on this one. I have recently moved and with the size of my apartment being what it is there is no way to have everything there, so it's all stored in large blue totes I got from wallymart. Everything is in there except my vehicles. They are all stored seperately in their original boxes.
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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    I keep all of my carded figures in pro cases then put them in large cardboard boxes, most are packed away in a climate controlled storage shed. If you don't want to drop the $$$ for individual cases I suggest the large rubber maid totes as well.
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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    Most of my carded figures are in original cases as well. Those cases are in large totes. My 12" collection is in original cases or other boxes that the would fit in. Any extra space inside was filled with plastic bags and newspaper to keep them from moving around in transport.

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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    Rubbermade totes are the way to go. I have about 7 completely filled totes in my basement, as well as one oversized cardboard box that houses many of my Micro Machines collections.

    Two years ago our basement flooded due to sump-pump failure and all of the totes protected the collection from the water. Just to be safe, I stored the totes on folded up carded boxes where they can be safe from a low level of water.
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    Re: How to store a huge collection?

    Alright, I'll go with the totes, but shouldn't I use padding or anything on the inside?


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