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    ROTS #41 - Clone Trooper (Super Articulation)

    Clone Trooper (Super Articulation) #41 is arguably the most sought-after figure in the Revenge of the Sith line right now: the promise of super-articulation in a standard army builder is too great for collectors to pass up. This figure is quite nice, but it's not such hot stuff that it deserves the insane amount of hoarding and scalping that it's been suffering so far, which has only been compounded by weak case assortments - I had to get mine through a generous friend on the forums (thanks Cool Han Luke!). Ultimately, what this figure does best is divert interest from the Clone Trooper (Quick Draw) #6 - which is nearly its equal and actually has a couple superior issues over its super-articulated cousin - so expect this review to draw comparisons between these 2 clones.

    And just for the record, the ROTS Target-exclusive Clone Trooper with the Neyo markings uses the Clone Wars super articulated Clone Trooper body rather than this CT#41 sculpt.

    Packaging: 3/5
    The packaging's shortcomings - easily bent card, bubble takes scuffs easily, frustrating to open, less room for actual product, little actual info about the toy inside - have made it annoying. It was initially eyecatching, but with a sea of it on shelves everywhere, it's worn out that welcome pretty quickly. The bubble view has the figure fairly neutral so it doesn't show off the figure's chief feature - the super articulation - as well as the CT#6's bubble, the CT#41 cardback though shows an interesting "over the shoulder" pose for the figure. The figure is held in the tray fairly securely and has the legs and antenna through holes the tray.

    Sculpt-Design: 4.5/5
    Clone Trooper #41 is not just a rehash of the Clone Wars super articulated Clone, it's got new construction and has a very nice sculpt with crisper small details than previous outings; the overall look between the CT#41 and CT#6 is very similar, and despite claims to the contrary, they have the same sized shoulders, it's just that CT#41 has them fraction closer to the body; also the CT#41 is 1 millimeter taller than CT#6. Super Articulated Clone is a tiny bit leaner than Quick Draw at the helmet and waist, and the neck keeps the helmet a little higher off the shoulders. The figure is thankfully neutrally-posed without being robotic a la the vintage Stormtrooper; the hands here are both separated trigger-finger designs without looking crazy.

    CT#6's neck is a more detailed sculpt and doesn't show the ball-joint underneath the way CT#41 often does, which can hinder certain looks. Also, the box on the back of the armor is a little bigger than others, and with the antenna out, there's a slit in the top of this box and the armor is a little too squared-off, but it's barely noticable. The armor in general is good but still doesn't quite look like armor on a bodysuit, the solid shoulder armor still lacks separation and the top of the stomach area on the armor isn't the right shape due to the waist articulation rounding it off.

    Articulation: 5/5
    One thing that's always bothered me about the Clone Wars SA Clone is the limited range of motion in the hips, they can barely move forward or back without stretching the joint peg and loosening that joint, this Clone Trooper #41 is exactly the same way, which is too bad because the hips on CT#6 have full range of motion. The elbows are still limited to 90 degrees like the CW Clone and the knees and ankles are similarly limited; the shoulders actually seem more limited as the armor bumps into the torso, but it's not hard to work around this. The torso articulation is the only thing that sets this figure apart from CT#6, and if Hasbro had given that figure standard waist articulation the way Anakin #28 has, it would have made this figure nearly pointless.

    The range of the arm joints in particular keep a few movie poses, like holding a blaster across the chest, from being possible, but other than those few your imagination can make a lot of great poses with this articulation. Also, the AT-TE Gunner #38 has a nifty universal joint for its hips which would have been great to see here as it greatly opens up poses. Don't get me wrong, this is great articulation on CT#41, but it's not such an improvement that it is vastly superior to CT#6, a figure that's far easier to find.

    Paint-Deco: 4/5
    The base plastic color is a strong white, a tiny bit whiter than Clone Trooper #6, but not so much that putting them together would make one look out of place. The black paint for the bodysuit areas is good but does have a few small areas where lines weren't fully filled in or crossed over, consistant with CT#6's paint. The overall paint is simple yet effective. The helmet corrects CT#6's gray with vertical stripes mistake on its "ears", on CT#41 they're simple a black horizonal line. Besides the main paint, Hasbro gave the Super Articulated Clone a little bit of brownish-gray weathering here and there, it looks like some of my Clones after I've been handling them for half an hour, my only compalints are that this weathering is the same on all the CT#41s so a group of the fig look too uniform; and the thighs, lower torso, and belt all have no weathering at all, with the back pretty light as well.

    Accessories: 3/5
    Oh bully, the Super Articulated Clone comes with the same blaster as the CT#6 which is 99% identical to the Clone Wars SA Clone and Saga Deluxe Clone's gun - I don't like this blaster that much, the sculpt is a bit too "soft" and there aren't enough details, but at least we saw it in the film. The figure also comes with a removable antenna that plugs into his back, it's a bit thick and there's not much to it detail-wise, but looks alright on the figure. I know the figure has "super articulation", but a lot of the figures in this ROTS line have increased articulation yet they score more accessories than this, I don't feel cheated exactly but there certainly could have been a long rifle included as well, after all CT#6 has 13 points of articulation, an internal action gimmick, a similar paint job, yet comes with the blaster, 2 swappable shoulder armor pads, and the long rifle.

    Overall: A-
    Clone Trooper #41 is a very cool figure, but having been able to find several CT#6s already, and everything here having been covered by the Clone Wars figure, I don't feel like CT#41 is really so spectacular. It's definitely useful with the torso articulation, but considering how difficult it's been to find and how little it's actually different, it's just not that much of an improvement over recent figures that it warrants the current insanity, its most important feature right now may be that it allows casual buyers to find Clone Trooper #6. In the end, it's good and worth picking up, but not a milestone piece in the line.
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    Re: ROTS #41 - Clone Trooper (Super Articulation)

    I found only one.. Hasbro needs to release a case o' clones.
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: ROTS #41 - Clone Trooper (Super Articulation)

    I don't know if that's a good idea, if they release a solid case, they risk ending up with too many on shelves at once and not enough of anything else. The Just Found LA crowd is saying they're starting to see these build up in some areas, so Hasbro wouldn't want to risk TOO MUCH of that. ***HOWEVER*** that doesn't mean 2-per-case case assortments in cases that aren't likely for retailers to replenish is a good idea either, 3 or 4 to a case in a case with popular product is the way to go I think, that way you have a lot of turnover but also give a lot of casual collectors to find something good as well.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Re: ROTS #41 - Clone Trooper (Super Articulation)

    I must be living in God's country cause it seems like we've been getting them in like crazy. All my collector buddies were worried about finding them and all of the sudden they were everywhere. I bought extras for trades and to pass along to friends and because of the number shipped to our area I just took them back. Of course now that I've typed this they'll all disappear.

    I like the figure, but not as much as the SA EP2 Clone as far as the range of posability. I can't quite get his two hands to hold the blaster like the EP2 version. I think Hasbro should have shipped this one with a figure stand due the likelihood of this one being an army builder and thus needing posing support. Still, a nice figure. I hope to do a custom job with a hole in the chest to fit Yoda's lightsaber.
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    Re: ROTS #41 - Clone Trooper (Super Articulation)

    A friend of mine who is working on becoming a toy sculptor pointed out to me that the CT#41 has an asymmetrical "face", he let me figure out what he meant and I saw it right away, the figure's "cheeks" are not even, the right one goes closer to the center line of the helmet than the left, the right "cheek" goes over the "mouth" where the left one doesn't. It's not very noticeable really, especially since everything's white, but it's definitely there. Some of the other clones also have this, albeit to lesser degrees, but the main movie version doesn't so I suspect that Hasbro is using a flawed model to base the designs off of (the toys helmets are all different sculpts).
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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