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Thread: Wish List!

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    Wish List!

    Most of us have missed out on plenty of stuff. Here's a place to post your wish list. Those items you dream about having...

    Loose, Mint/Complete:
    Vintage Death Star
    POTF2 Imperial Shuttle
    Any post-Vintage B-Wing
    POTF2/Saga Y-Wing (not the bad paint-job OTC though)
    Saga TIE Interceptor
    Saga Dagobah Luke's X-Wing (the new, bigger mold that I have never seen!)
    TPM Queen's Royal Starship
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    Re: Wish List!

    I dunno about dream of having, but I'm missing the following stuff that I wouldn't mind getting at some point, yet not right now:

    Cantina Playset
    ATL Interceptor (DROIDS)

    Geonosis Playset
    CW Anakin Starfighter
    CW Hailfire Droid
    CW Republic Gunship
    OTC Slave I (Target Exclusive)

    Battle Droid Carrier (Episode I)


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